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Embassy Goals 30 September 2015 - by Robert Runyon

How to speak English like an American

The United States is an incredibly large place. It’s big…really really big. It takes a six hour plane ride just to get from one side of to the other. With that kind of size, it’s no surprise there’s not only… Read more…

Embassy Goals 25 September 2015 - by Jason White

How to learn English faster

“How to learn English faster?” is a common question. One of the best ways to quickly improve is to surround yourself with the English language. Alexander from Germany has been at the Embassy English School Cambridge for only 7 weeks and… Read more…

Embassy Insider 24 September 2015 - by Luke Sikorski

Embassy English team gives back while getting in shape!

Embassy Sales will be leading a fun-filled fundraising campaign called “10K in the 10th Month” to help raise money for this year’s Building Futures project of building a primary school in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Building Futures is Study Group’s non-profit initiative… Read more…

Embassy Goals 16 September 2015 - by Jess Ward

How to learn real English for real life situations

One of the best things about booking an English course abroad is you discover how to learn real English for real life situations.  Seol from South Korea is coming to the end of his General English Intensive course in Brighton…. Read more…

Embassy Insider 8 September 2015 - by Renee Alexander

2015 Study Travel Star Awards Report

Embassy English made history in 2015, becoming the first global Study Travel Super Star School and joining the Study Travel Hall of Fame. Our team was ecstatic about this acknowledgment of the hard work of our global teams and our… Read more…

Embassy Places 4 September 2015 - by Robert Runyon

Learning English in New York: Insider Guide

Learning English in New York is an amazing experience, but getting to know all the best places can be challenging! Meet Robert Runyon, Student Services Manager at our English school in New York.  He’s a Brooklyn local, and former English… Read more…

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