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Embassy English 6 October 2015 - by Sherry Liu, Embassy English Sales Manager

Embassy Welcomes Social Media Stars Fairy and Raven

Embassy English is excited to welcome VIP students and well known bloggers Fairy Pai and Raven Tango . These social media super stars from Taiwan will be studying at our Central London and Oxford Study Centres in October 2015.


Fairy and Raven are improving their English at Embassy – images Fairy Pai and Raven Tango

Raven and Fairy are a couple based in Taichung, Taiwan. Raven is a tattoo artist and model, Fairy is a writer, blogger, and model and wrote a book called 勇敢,相信愛 (be brave, trust love)

Fairy and Raven have been featured in international TV, Print and online media.  They are icons of their generation, encouraging young people to share their ideas/thoughts in their life and deliver a message of Love and Courage to their millions of followers.

You can follow their Embassy experience here on our blog and on online with #EmbassyOxford and #EmbassyCentralLondon!

Fairy Pae and Raven Tango on their first day of studies at #EmbassyCentralLondon

Fairy Pai and Raven Tango on their first day of studies at #EmbassyCentralLondon



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