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Embassy English 9 March 2017 - by By Mark Bailey, Suchada "Nan" Deesapsathitkhoon, and Araya "Izzy" Tangcharoenkul, Embassy English Thailand

Embassy Insider: An Update from Thailand

2017 is already off to an exciting (and busy!) start for Team Embassy in Thailand !

In just the past four months, Mark Bailey – Regional Sales Director ANZ, SE Asia and S Asia, Suchada “Nan” Deesapsathitkhoon – Senior Sales Manager, SE Asia, and Araya “Izzy” Tangcharoenkul – Sales Manager, SE Asia,  have facilitated two Thai agent trainings, traveled with a group of Thai scholars to Melbourne, been featured on Thai TV, AND met with the Princess of Thailand

Embassy English ThailandNan, Mark, Sherry (Team EmbassyTaiwan,) and Izzy

Agent Training: Chiang Mai & Bangkok

At the beginning of February, Embassy English in Thailand held Annual Agent Trainings 2017 in Chiang Mai (North Thailand)on the 7 February and in Bangkok on 9 February.

There were more than 70 partners in both cities who joined the event.

Embassy Insider

Mark, our Regional Director, flew all the way from Brisbane to support the Thai Team and presented “What’s New 2017”.  He also spoke about courses and programmes especially relating to ANZ.

Additionally, the workshop covered agent online training, new agents dashboard, and our pathways program for ANZ and North America.

Embassy Insider 2

Nan introduced Embassy and HE’s plan for working together to promote pathways programmes in the UK, which is another great opportunity for our partners.

Izzy updated the alterations to programs in the US and introduced our newest Embassy’s Center, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Embassy Insider (2)

Our North Asia Senior Sales Manager based in Taiwan, Sherry Liu was a special guest speaker presenting Embassy Summer and Study Tours in the training.

Embassy Insider (3)

The events provided our partners with a lot of useful information, with our only regret being we would have liked even more time to go into even more detail!

Embassy Indsider 5

With the great team effort and valued partnerships, the event was beautifully done and hugely successful.

Thank you everyone. !!! Excellent Work !!


Embassy Melbourne on Thai TV

On February 8th, 2017, Thai TV host Mr.Damrong Puttarn, Council Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University and University Bansomdej Chaopraya, along with other executive board members, visited our Embassy Melbourne Campus.

On his return to Thailand Mr. Damrong spoke about the visit on his TV show – ” Mong Rob Dan”, which means ‘Look around’ in Thai.

This was broadcast on Feb 15th,2017 to a viewing audience of several million!

Embassy Insider

#Embassy2017 and #EmbassyMelbourne were live into prime-time living rooms across Thailand.

Mr, Damrong and his team experienced a trial class conducted by Matt Pickering and Jules Kaplan, and were excited to how see how Embassy taught students using the interactive whiteboard.

Embassy Insider 1

One of the group members mentioned that he interviewed a Thai student who recently got Bachelor Degree from a Thai university and planned to further his Master Degree, but still needed to improve his English communication skills.

Our Embassy pathways programmes would be able to help this type of student achieve his or her dreams of higher education.

Embassy Insider 3

In the show, Mr.Damrong, his guest and the other host convinced the audience to see the importance of studying abroad and how parents and their children can invest money wisely for their education.



The Royal Thai Scholarship Programme

Nan and Izzy both felt very honored to be at Chitralada Palace as the Embassy English representatives to offer our scholarships to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for the second time.

Embassy Insider 2

The event was arranged on November 18st, 2016. We are all dressed officially in black so as to show our respect and deep condolences to the Princess’ father and ( our Thai People’s Father), King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX ภูมิพลอดุลยเดช.)

Embassy Insider 4

We offered 2 scholarships to the Princess for outstanding Thai students to study abroad at Embassy Brighton and Embassy Boston.

Embassy Insider 5

The Princess has already selected one recipient to go to Brighton, but has not yet determined the second scholarship for Boston. We will keep you updated on our scholars!

And stay tuned for more updates from Team Embassy in Thailand this year! 


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