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Embassy English 30 August 2017 - by Mohammad Alshaikhjafar, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

Meet Mohammad, Student Ambassador to Embassy Melbourne

Embassy English Student Ambassadors participate in Orientation Day presentations and extracurricular activities, and they offer valuable advice about site-seeing, local cultural events, and adjusting to life far away from home. These Ambassadors act as a “buddy-system” for our  students, so that… Read more…

Embassy English 20 July 2017 - by Jillian Kohler, Academic Manager, Embassy English Gold Coast

Embassy English Student Guide to Saving Money

Living in a foreign country while you study English is a great adventure and a wonderful opportunity,  and one you’ll never regret.  Once you’re here, though, you might find you don’t have a lot of money left over and (perhaps… Read more…

Embassy English 26 April 2017 - by Jillian Kohler, Academic Manager, Embassy English Gold Coast

Pro Tips: What NOT to do at Embassy English

What an exciting adventure you have embarked on!  You’ve enrolled with Embassy English and soon you’ll be moving to a new country to learn English. Everyone has advice for you – what to pack, how to prepare, what to expect,… Read more…

Embassy English 19 April 2017 - by Danilo Silva Lopes, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

My Embassy Life: Danilo from Brazil

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in… Read more…

Embassy English 1 February 2017 - by Minouche Duval, Program Manager, Embassy English Brisbane

Embassy Brisbane Experience Video Competition Winners

To celebrate the wonderful opportunity of living and studying in Australia, Embassy Brisbane held The Embassy Experience Competition. Students were required to make a video of the highlights of their experiences. The judges were delighted by the high standard of the entries…. Read more…

Embassy English 3 January 2017 - by Summer Chang, Student, Embassy Gold Coast

My Embassy Life: Summer from Taiwan at Embassy Gold Coast

Recently our friends at Study Queensland held a video competition called “Best Semester Abroad.” Students were asked to submit videos documenting why they wanted to learn English abroad in beautiful Queensland, Australia. Winners were chosen from all over the world… Read more…

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