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Embassy Goals 2 July 2015 - by Jess Ward

How I improved my English in 6 months – English course Brighton

We caught up with Sandrine towards the end of her English course in Brighton before she returned to France to look for work with an international company.

Two years ago Sandrine quit her job working as an administrator for an accountancy firm in Northern France and moved to Paris.  After working as an assistant in a school, she realised learning English would give her the best chance of improving her career.  After considering different schools, Sandrine chose a General English Course at Embassy Brighton.  She rapidly improved her English level form pre-Intermediate to Advanced Level English in just six months.


I have learned more in 6 months here than I did in 6 years at high school. It’s amazing.

What were you doing before your English course in Brighton?

Working as an assistant in a school that helped children with challenging behaviour.

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

The economy is tough in France. Even people with master’s degrees struggle to find work. I realised taking an English Course in Brighton would open up more opportunities. These days, learning English is essential.

Why did you choose an English course in Brighton?

I wanted to be by the sea. Plus the school had good reviews and liked the pictures I saw online of the outside of the school. First impressions are important.

What’s the best thing about learning in Brighton?

It’s so international – so you really do have to speak English the whole time.

What do you like most about your English course?

The teachers! They help you to constantly learn new things. I struggled with grammar and they really helped me.

What do you like most about your teachers?

They are so kind. I had two main teachers and they made it easy to improve. Thanks to my English in Course in Brighton, I now feel confident speaking English.

Has your English improved?

Yes, a lot. When I started I could only speak a few words and within 6 months I’ve progressed to Advanced Level English.

What has helped you to improve your English the most?

Without thinking about learning, you learn!   In class we used the internet, magazines, we talked about culture, the Royal Family, the Election and spoke to local people on the streets of Brighton. The interactive whiteboard is amazing – very nice – it’s not the same in France.

What’s your favourite memory of Brighton?

All the friends I made. I hope we will keep in contact on Facebook.

Would you recommend Embassy English to other students?

Yes, look at my own experience.   I have learned more in 6 months here than I did in 6 years at high school. It’s amazing.

What’s your favourite word in the English language?

I don’t have a favourite word, but I Iike all the English idioms. My favourite is “I need to spend a penny!”

Do you still find any aspect of the English language difficult?

Trying to understand Irish and Scottish accents and maybe younger people when I’m listening to them talk on the bus. And like most French people we struggle pronouncing words with TH in them like “mother” or “father”.

What are your top 3 favourite places in Brighton?

Brighton Pier, Seven Sisters (part of the South Downs National Park) and Costa Coffee – I spent a lot of time in Costa Coffee!

What has surprised you most about learning English in Brighton?

Just how polite everyone is. And the food! Before I arrived, everyone said the food would be terrible – for example jelly –  but actually, it’s OK!

What are your dreams and hopes for the future?

Right now, after I finish my English Course in Brighton, I want to return to France and find a job in an international company. One day, I’d like to own my own business and maybe move to America.

Sandrine took our General English Course at Embassy English Brighton.  She progressed from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced Level English from during a period of 6 months.  If you would like to find an English Course in Brighton that’s right for you Contact Us to find out more.

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