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Embassy Play 18 August 2015 - by Alex Martinez

Learn English out of class with a fantastic social life

Even if you’re a complete beginner, playing football and learning how to dance the salsa are just two easy ways to learn English out of class.   Our Social Activities Manager, Alex Martinez, outlines just how fantastic your social life could be at our English school in Brighton.

1. Make fast progress at The Conversation Club

The Embassy English Conversation Club is one of the best ways you can make progress and learn English out of class.  If you’ve just started your English course, and don’t know many people, it’s a brilliant way to make friends. On this particular day it was so sunny we decided to hold our Conversation Club outside.  This is The Level, a popular place to hang out and less than a 5 minute walk from our school in Brighton.

Socialise after class conversation club at the level

2. Pick up quirky souvenirs in Camden Town

We organise lots of trips to London from Brighton.  It’s so quick to get to the Capital from Brighton – only 1 hour by train. Our Camden Town trip is popular with students who have already visited the more famous sights of London and want to explore somewhere different. Camden Town has over 1000 shops and stalls and is a popular place to buy funky crafts, vintage clothes and souvenirs for friends and family. Our students love it!

Socialise after class Camden Lock

3. Walk along Severn Sisters: discover how green England is!

We were very lucky with the weather on this walk. The Severn Sisters is part of the South Downs National park and is called “Severn Sisters” after the famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs.  You can see the white cliffs in the background.  Well over 50 students signed up for this walk and it was a great day out. If you want to see the English coastline and countryside, I would recommend it.  One thing that surprises many international language students, especially our students from the Middle East, is just how green England is!

Socialise after class Seven Sisters

4. Learn about British history at the Old Docks, Portsmouth

This is the Old Docks in Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a city on the South Coast of England, famous for its naval history.  Normally, we get there by coach, and it  takes approximately 1.5 hours from Brighton.  On this particular trip we were allowed to take a look inside a ship that wasn’t yet open to the public.  If you like history, it’s an interesting place to learn about Britain’s past.

Socialise after class Portsmouth

5. Get some exercise with a little hike up the Dyke!

Devil’s Dyke is just five miles north of Brighton and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The views from the top of The Dyke are pretty special.  You can get there on the 77 bus run which is an open-top bus service during the summer and at weekends. My tip would be to use public transport as much as possible during your English language course – using English in everyday situations, can really help you to improve you learn English out of class.
Socialising after class devils dyke

6. And finally, get your groove on with Salsa lessons

I’m originally from Spain, so one of the unique things we offer in Brighton is Salsa lessons. Take a look at my video. This is held in the activities hall here in Brighton and as you can see it’s one of our most popular activities.

When do social activities happen?

Students have the opportunity to take part in an activity every day of the week. Regardless of their timetable students can join in.  We have some activities in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. The social programme changes every week and every Monday the new schedule is always available in our school and on the Embassy Brighton Facebook page.  To help new students settle in and start meeting other students straight away, we have a welcome party every Monday evening.

How much do activities cost?

Most activities are free, however, some activities will have a cost attached. The costs cover transport costs, entry into any attractions and the cost of any food and drink. Costs vary, but just to give you an idea of price, a day trip to London from Brighton currently costs £15.

Alex’s tips for enjoying Brighton

  • Have a BBQ on the beach with friends
  • Sit down in front of the Royal Pavilion and listen to free music from the buskers
  • Try an English Roast AND an English fried breakfast

Find out about life and learning English at our English Language School in Brighton 

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