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Embassy Places 24 August 2015 - by Crystal Martinez

The story behind the photo – learning English in San Diego

Want to know what really goes on in our English Schools? We look at some of the crazy, amazing and beautiful photos our English schools post from around the world and dig a little deeper to find out the story behind them.  Here’s one from our San Diego English school. Let’s  zoom in and take a closer look at what’s going on in this photo?

Learning English in San Diego at Embassy English

Who’s in the photo?

Christopher Wylie, one of the teachers in San Diego Teacher and me, Crystal Martinez.  I’m the Los Angeles Student Services Representative and the National Student Services Associate.  I was visiting the San Diego team to work on ideas to provide students with even better services. For example, ‘what fun activities can we offer the students?’ ‘How can we make a student’s first day really awesome?’

What’s happening?

Chris and I are “channelling” famous Star Wars film characters, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Yoda is on the back of Chris guiding him as his master. The annual comic book Comic-Con event was taking place in downtown San Diego.  Every year, thousands of avid comic book fans and celebrities take over the city wearing famous superhero costumes such as Batman, Spiderman and Thor. Chris, being a true Star Wars fan, wore his Luke Skywalker outfit to school and used it as main topic in our Conversation Club.  After class, took a large group of students to walk around the Gaslamp district to visit the various Comic-Con booths and marvel at the various comic book-inspired costumes.

Where are you?

We’re in the Student Services reception area/main hallway of the San Diego Embassy English School.

 What were you doing before/after the photo was taken?

Before the photo was taken, we were all discussing what type of food to get for lunch nearby. ‘Are you craving Thai, Mexican or American food?’  After the photo was taken, we were all laughing and speaking to students about their weekend plans, saying ‘goodbye’ to our graduating students and taking a lot of pictures.

What would see 5 paces to the right & left of this picture?

To the right you would see Student Services Representative Andrea Virga smiling and laughing hysterically!  To the left you would find students, teacher and staff walking by, laughing and shouting out various Star Wars phrases such as, ‘May the force be with you.’ ‘Is it light savor or light saber?’

christopher and students at San Diego v2

What 3 words would you use to describe this day?

Hilarious, exciting and friendly.

Things to do within walking distance of  your school?

  1. Check out the endless supply of boutique shops, restaurants and nightclubs of Gaslamp District.
  2. Stroll through Little Italy and enjoy a delicious pasta dinner and gelato for dessert or check out their farmers market every Saturday.
  3. Experience a classic American sport; watch the Padre’s baseball team play at Petco Park. Try the hot dog and soda and if you’re lucky you might get to experience ‘the wave.’
  4. Shop till you drop at Horton Plaza Mall which is located right across the street from the school. We love are Victoria’s Secret, Levis and Forever 21.
  5. Explore the various artwork and special exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego.

What 3 words do you think sum up San Diego?

Adventurous, sunny and awesome!

Your favourite quotes from Star Wars movies?

Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back): “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Darth Vader (A New Hope): “The force is strong with this one.”

 Quick glossary

“channelling” (US spelling is “channeling” – only one “l”)
Meaning: To invoke the style or characteristics of another person
Example: “Her style is totally channeling Taylor Swift.”

“Shop till you drop!”
  Shopping until you cannot physically do it anymore
Example: There are so many stores at the mall; you can shop till you drop.

“hole in the wall”
A small bar or restaurant  that is not fancy or expensive.
Example: “The restaurant is a hole in the wall, but the burgers there are so good.” 

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