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Embassy Summer 21 August 2015 - by Ryan Edwards

Summer English Courses in the UK: top 6 places to visit

When you sign up for one of our Summer English Courses in the UK, you’ll visit THE most interesting places.  Ryan Edwards plans the activities, trips and excursions to help students use English in everyday situations. He has worked for the Embassy Summer team for 6 years, so he definitely knows all the best places to visit and explore.  Here’s his guide to some of the very best excursions in the UK.

1.  The Westminster Walk


A staple of the Embassy Summer experience.  You’ll start the tour with our Summer Activities team at Big Ben, before moving on to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey in Parliament Square. Don’t forget to get your picture taken with your new friends by the classic red phone boxes!

We then move on to see various War Memorials and Downing Street (the home of the UK Prime Minister).  As you walk down Whitehall towards Horse Guards Parade, have your camera at the ready to get a selfie with one of the soldiers on horse back.   Make sure you have enough space left on your camera for stops at Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

2.  Punting on the River Cam

punting in cambridge

Listen and learn from your “punt pilot” (the person who operates the boat) .  They will tell you about the history of Cambridge as you are guided through this  amazing city on the River Cam.  The architecture is stunning, especially all of the buildings that are part of Cambridge University.

3.  Visit the Queen’s Residence

guards at the windsor castle

Did you know that Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited castle in Europe?  The castle has been a residence of the British Royal family for just under 1000 years! After a devastating fire in 1992, over £40m pounds has been invested to make it even better than before.

4.  Take a pilgrimage to Canterbury

canterbury abbey

Canterbury is a unique city with a history dating back to the 6th Century. If you get there early enough you will hear a 400 year old bell ring to mark the opening of the imposing Cathedral. We recommend you visit Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – what better way to learn English than to celebrate and study one of the finest pieces of literature ever created?

5.  Learn in the museums of London

natural history museum

Visiting the museums in London in a great way to practice your reading and listening skills in English…and they are all free! I recommend the wonderful Dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum, the incredible Ancient Greece and Roman section of the British Museum, the Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and just about everything in the Science Museum!

If museums aren’t for you then how about art? The National Gallery and the Tate Modern attract art lovers from around the world.

6.  Take a “dip” in Bath

roman bath

Bath is a small city that is full of amazing sights and a rich history. The Roman Baths will take you back 2000 years to experience the ancient history of the city.


If you’d like next summer to be full of fun, history, culture and new friends, find out more about our Summer English Courses in the UK.


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