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Embassy Places 19 August 2015 - by Ivan Santos

Why London is the top choice for international language students

London calling!  Two international language students from our English school in Central London tell us about their experience of  learning English and living in London.  Ivan Santos, Student Services Officer for Central London outlines how fun life in London can be when you sign up to their social activities programme.

 Carolina’s trip to the Emirates Stadium

central london arsenal game watch

“The school organised a trip to the Emirates Stadium and we had the opportunity to enjoy a Premier League match with my friends, we really wanted go to the Arsenal stadium!

The match was really exciting: Arsenal vs Lyon (6-0). I have a friend who lives in Lyon and at that time he wanted to cry about the score 🙂

My experience in the stadium was really fun. I really enjoyed seeing the enthusiastic supporters in the stadium, it was one of the most memorable experiences that I’ve ever had in London.

This is the way that you can learn about Londoners’ lifestyle, discover new activities, places, met new people as well as improve your speaking and listening English skills.

I like to join the activities of Embassy Central London. I also like to organise activities outside school. Every weekend we try to visit differences places in London. I’m really into traveling around the world!”

Laurent’s experience of life in London

laurent riviera sunset

“I decided to join Pub Night at the Riviera London because it’s always exciting to go out with my mates from Embassy Central London. The school organised this trip and the outdoor terrace was near London Bridge, a London landmark.

The sunset was amazing! We relaxed, had a drink and talked.  It’s great to join the activities, exchange some ideas and have a conversation about different cultures, things to do in London, etc. I believe this is the best way to improve your English skills and gain confidence.

I’ve joined most of the activities which Embassy has organised: go-karting, football, Zoo Bar language exchange, conversation club, etc.

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. I’ve met a lot of people during my London trip, all of them are wonderful. I love London’s international lifestyle!”

Life in London for international language students

Central London

By joining in with activities students practise what they have learned in the classroom, build up their confidence and have an amazing time.  Some activities such as the Conversation Club, London walks and the Film Club are all free.  Other activities may have a small cost attached.

Our programme changes every week and we make sure there’s a wide range of activities to suit all tastes. Of course, we are always open to suggestions and ideas from all our international language students!

Typical activities

  • Table tennis tournaments, yoga lessons, pub nights, visits to London’s top attractions and landmarks, ice-skating, bowling nights, football matches, theatre trips, traditional English afternoon tea parties, and UK & European trips.

London Life 

  • The shopping experience in London is like no other – Oxford Street is 10 minutes’ walk from our school and the bustling city centre is round the corner. Most of our students walk down to Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus or Chinatown.
  • Its art galleries, theatre performances and innovative architecture stand out and attract millions of visitors to the city every year. Nearly 20 million people visited London last year!
  • There are loads of famous sporting events, thousands of festivals and music performances all year round, and, of course, amazing nightlife.
  • The monuments and museums are some of the best in the world. Did you know the Natural History Museum and the British Museum were the most googled museums in the world last year?

When a man is tired of London

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