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Embassy Places 4 September 2015 - by Robert Runyon

Learning English in New York: Insider Guide

Learning English in New York is an amazing experience, but getting to know all the best places can be challenging! Meet Robert Runyon, Student Services Manager at our English school in New York.  He’s a Brooklyn local, and former English language teacher, so he’s definitely the right guide to help you navigate New York and make the most of your English language experience.

Learning English in New York

What is unique about the New York study centre?

We are in New York! You’re never going to find a more exciting city anywhere else, and we are right in the center of everything. We are also one of the most diverse Embassy schools; we never have any group of students making up more than 20% of our population.

What are your favorite places to hang out around the New York centre?

Some of the best places within walking distance of the New York centre are the High Line (a park that is perched on top of an old elevated railroad), Madison Square Park, and Barcade (a bar that has lots of old video games.) Because I live in Brooklyn, I spend most of my time there. It’s the most exciting and interesting part of New York City.

New York High Line

What advice would you give a student starting their first day in New York?

Be open-minded! New York is different than any place you’ve ever been in the whole world, and the best way to experience it is to come in with an open mind and willingness to learn new things about people and different cultures. Also, New Yorkers are extremely friendly, except when you stand in their way in a subway station or on the sidewalk.

What do you think are the favorite New York foods for students visiting New York?

New York is one of the food capitals of the world. There are a few things you absolutely have to try in order to get the real New Yorker experience. You HAVE to try bagels (preferably in Brooklyn), you HAVE to try a slice of pizza, and you HAVE to make sure to get a hot dog from a vendor on the street. If you want to try the diversity of New York food in one place, you should go to Smorgasburg, which has locations all over the city in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

New York experience - try a hot dog

What should a student know about the staff at the New York Centre?

We love talking to students! If we’re not busy helping students, we love to have conversations with students during their break times. It’s always fun to get to know our students better. Also, if you have an idea for a cool activity, let us know! We will try to include it on the next calendar

Do you have any tips for success in reaching your English speaking goals?

Speak English as much as you can. One of the reasons to study abroad is that it’s a perfect opportunity to practice your language both inside and outside of class. Speak English in restaurants, museums, parks, and bars. Also, be sure to make friends from different countries, so that way the only language you speak with them is English.

What is your favorite part of your job at Embassy English?

I always get to meet lots of new people from different cultures every day, and they’re always open and interested in talking.

Any final tips for students learning English in New York?

I always try to tell students that to really have fun in New York, it’s necessary to leave Manhattan. Try to go up to Queens and walk around Astoria and try all of its amazing food or go to MoMA PS1. Go to Brooklyn and have a picnic in Prospect Park, check out the art galleries in Bushwick, go shopping in Williamsburg. You can take the LIRR for 40 minutes to gorgeous Long Beach for a wonderful Beach Day. New York is a city that always has something going on, and Manhattan represents only a fraction of that.

Note: Robert is from New York , so this blog post uses US English


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