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Embassy Summer 20 October 2015 - by Jess Ward

How two weeks learning English abroad changed their lives!

English isn’t generally known as the language of love, but being able to speak it can present life-changing opportunities! Meet Alena  from Russia.  She’s now 21, but back in the Summer of 2011 she made friends with an Italian boy called Marco on a Junior Summer English programme in London Docklands.  Fast forward to 2015 and that same boy is now her husband! Congratulations Alena and Marco on your English language love story.

Juniors English programme in London

Were you at the Embassy Summer London Docklands English school from July to August 2011 and maybe have some photos of Marco Sciolini and Alena Chernyk ? If so, please share your photos using #alenamarcoES11. They would love some photos from this time!

The moment they met!

The first time we met was the first lesson of English at Embassy and since that moment I had a crush on him and  kept telling my friends about him. It’s funny but later I learnt that he was doing that too!

What happened next…

After Embassy finished, we went back to our countries and we were chatting on Facebook a lot. It was not until I went to study in Czech Republic that we saw each other again. And in 2013 we got married and I moved to Italy so we could stay together.

Happily ever after: life in 2015

I’ve been working through the summer as an English teacher in summer camps in Russia and Italy.  Now I’m about to start my extensive CELTA course and hopefully after that I’ll find a permanent job, but for now I’m attending an evening course of high school, just to improve my Italian.:)

At home we speak English together. Now I’m learning Italian as I live here and he knows some Russian – enough to communicate with my parents when we visit them.

Memories of her Junior Summer English programme in London

I’ll sound like a complete nerd but actually one of my favourite things about Embassy Summer was lessons! Teachers made them so fun and interesting and, maybe most importantly, useful! We practised speaking a lot and were learning real “live” language. Discos at London Docklands were fantastic!

Alena’s tips for improving your English

Everyone has a hobby, an interest. Add English to it! If you like movies and TV-series – watch them in English! If you like YouTube – find some British or American youtubers. If you enjoy music – search for lyrics and try to understand what your favourite songs are about. Learning English doesn’t have to be boring, just include it to your everyday life and you’ll see progress very soon

Were you at the Embassy Summer London Docklands English school from July to August 2011? Do you have any photos of Alena Chernykh and Marco Sciolini?  If so, please share your photos using #alenamarcoES11. 

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