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Embassy Places 19 October 2015 - by Alice Tigwell, Social Activities Organiser, Cambridge

Learning English in Cambridge: Insider Guide

Learning English in Cambridge is a fun and friendly experience.  Meet Alice Tigwell, Social Organiser at the Embassy English School in Cambridge   Alice plans the fun things students do when they’re not studying hard in class.  Here are just a few tips from Alice on how to make the most of learning English in this friendly city.

My favourite thing is meeting students and seeing how well they progress in their English and their confidence.

My favourite thing is meeting students and seeing how well they progress in their English

What is unique about learning English in Cambridge?

One of our students told me yesterday that they love Cambridge because staff here are so welcoming and friendly – it feels like a family – I agree with this.

What are your favourite places to hang out around the centre?

I really like the fact that Cambridge is such a green city, it’s great even if you just want to sit in the park and read a book – you really get the best of both worlds.

What are the favourite foods to try in your city?

For Cambridge it has to be a cream tea. We often go on bike tours to Grantchester and then stop off for a cream tea.


What advice would you give a student starting their first day in Cambridge?

Just get involved as much as possible with activities and the Conversation Club. Use every opportunity to speak with other students and staff. Make the most of it!

What should a student know about the staff at your centre?

That we’re all lovely, very nice people, very approachable and that we’re always happy to help whenever we can.

How do you work with students to help them reach their goals?

Not long ago, I worked with a student from Africa to help him organise a week of African themed activities. I’ve spent a lot of time in Africa myself and we both wanted to raise awareness and to break the stereotypes about Africa. For him it was very important to make people aware of what Africa is like.

English Language Tip: This blog post uses UK English

  • (UK) Centre versus (USA) Center
  • (UK) Favourite versus (USA) favorite
  • (UK) Organise versus (USA) organize


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