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Embassy Summer 18 December 2015 - by Embassy Summer UK Team

7 Fantastic Reasons to Book a Summer School in the UK

Stuck for ideas about how you’re going spend next summer? A summer school in the UK, combined with English language learning, is not only great fun, but a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, develop your confidence and take away memories to last a lifetime!  Here’s our top 7 reasons to book a summer school in the UK.

#1 Develop your English language skills

With Embassy Summer you are guaranteed a mixed nationality class whilst studying under a fully qualified English teacher. All of our classes are sorted by ability so you can get the most out of your teaching time interacting and developing with your classmates from around the world. Our new excursion tasks link the things you see and learn on your trips to fantastic locations to the classroom to maximise your summer experience! At Embassy we always work on your conversational skills and ensure you have something to talk to all of your new friends about!

Summer school in the UK

In the classroom

#2 Taste British Food

One of the best things about coming to study with Embassy in the UK is the chance to sample all of the delicious food. Did you know that the national dish of the UK is now Curry? At your Summer Study Centre you will get the chance to have more traditional British foods, how does Fish n’ Chip Friday sound? Or will you look forward to the traditional Sunday Roast Dinner complete with Yorkshire Puddings and a generous lashing of gravy more? Maybe the weather will get hot enough to enjoy some delicious Cornish Ice Cream or ripe British Strawberries will cool whipped cream. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and you will get the chance to try cuisine from every corner of it!

Summer school in the UK

Fish and chips

#3 Try British Sports

You may not have had the chance to try some British sports before coming on your study holiday, our onsite activities at Embassy Summer are designed to get you involved in some of the sports British schoolchildren play. Try your hand at Rounders- it is like Baseball but far more fun! Learn what a Wicket, Over, Maiden, Googley, Stumps and Silly Mid-Off are when you get into a game of Cricket- the true sport of English summertime.

Summer school in the UK

Learn about British sports

#4  – Experience a good old fashioned Summer Sports Day

A sport day sees students race balancing an egg on a spoon and jumping towards glory in Sack Race! If you are really fast, really strong and quick witted you might find you are a future Rugby star. When better time to come to England if you are a Tennis fan? Feel the buzz of the Wimbledon Championships as you study under qualified coaches at our Academy Centres or Summer Plus courses!

Summer school in the UK

Students playing rounders

#5 – Learn with Embassy Summer Staff

You will love all of the characters dressed in orange t-shirts at your Embassy Summer Centre. Our Managers, Teachers and Activity Leaders will make sure you are learning lots, having fun, seeing all the best sights, organising and running those fantastic activities you will remember all your life, and of course, keep you safe! Embassy Summer takes your wellbeing very seriously and even if you come to the UK alone, we will make sure you are appointed a Guardian that will do everything to make your stay as fantastic as possible.

Embassy Summer Reigate students in the classroom at the Centre.

Embassy Summer Reigate students in the classroom at the Centre.

#6 –  Have a great time taking part in our activities

Are you a budding entertainer that likes do you like to sing in front of people? Our weekly karaoke nights will be perfect for you to practice English by singing your favourite songs. Maybe you prefer to draw, build or create things? If so, then our arts and crafts activities such as the Egg Drop Challenge will be a great way for you to practice working in a team and display your creative nous in a fun and competitive environment! If you are clever and enjoy showing everyone then our Quiz and Mastermind nights will be great fun for you! If you love to strut your stuff on the dance floor, then Embassy’s weekly discos will be perfect for you to wow the crowds!

Summer school in the UK

Fun activities

#7 – Explore the UK on our Excursions

The UK has something for everyone, you can supplement all the fun and enjoyment from lessons and activities in campus by visiting ancient historic sights such as Stonehenge, historic University buildings in Oxford and Cambridge, cool and culturally rich cities such as Bristol and Brighton or take the time to experience the imperious and iconic sights of London.

Summer school in the UK

Embassy Summer Mile End students on a half day activity to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Embassy Summer offers summer adventure English courses in the UK, the USA and Canada.  Courses for 2016 are available to book now, please Contact Us for more information and prices.

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