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Embassy English 11 December 2015 - by Sebastien Martinez

Meet the Embassy English Americas Team

This week in the next part of our INSIDE EMBASSY series we’re heading to Medellin, Colombia to meet the Embassy  English Americas Team. Sebastien Martinez has been part of the EFL industry ever since he was an English language student in San Francisco; he is now Embassy’s Regional Sales Director for Americas.  In this post he introduces us to his regional sales team and gives us his unique Embassy Insider view.

Meet the Embassy English Americas team

Sebastien Martinez: Regional Sales Director (Americas)

Hello from Medellin, Colombia where the Embassy English Americas  regional office offers some pretty stunning views of the mountains surrounding the city.  The office is quite new, as it has been open for less than a month and we are quite excited to have a hub here in Colombia given how much growth we are seeing out of the country.

I actually am quite familiar with Embassy, having worked as Regional Sales Director- Europe, Middle East, and Africa from April 2009- June 2012 when I was based in Switzerland.  This is such an exciting industry that I am quite excited to have made a career out of.  My interest actually began when I was an ESL student many years back in San Francisco.  I have never looked back since!

Meet the Embassy English Americas “A-Team”

Meet the Embassy Americas Team

I am quite fortunate to manage a highly experienced, fun, and motivated team throughout the Americas region.  We have coined ourselves the “A-team” and look forward to growing the number of students undertaking an Embassy program in one of our great 18 year-round schools or 28+ Embassy Summer schools.

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil we have Rayemberg (Ray) Aprigio—Sales Manager, Brazil.

In Guadalajara, Mexico we have Arturo Gonzales managing Spanish-speaking countries throughout Latin America.  He also is a familiar face to many having left Embassy for 2 years and now has come back to re-join the team.

For the US and Canada markets, we have Luke Sikorski who manages our multiple-nationality onshore market and has been with Embassy for over 4 ½ years.  He also has been taking on global projects including a global sales and service training guide for all staff and conducting customer service workshops at each of our centres, as well as managing the blog you are currently reading as a small part of our social media strategy.

Finally. welcome to the newest member of our team, Ana Carolina Buitrago Serrano, Embassy Sales Manager, Colombia (based in Medellin).  Ana joined us last September to focus on agents based in Colombia. She comes from a background in administration, logistics and sales, specialising in management and design has worked in the industry for the last couple of years.

That sums up the highly dedicated “A-team” that looks forward to assisting our partners, their staff, and the future students looking to enter the doors of one of our award-winning schools.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
I actually saved a drowning teenager in a deep sea current along the coast of Thailand years back.

If you could spend 1 day with any famous person (living or deceased), who would it be & why?
Ayrton Senna because of his proven leadership and humble attitude.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?
I definitely would have to say my father.

If you could gain immediate fluency in any language you don’t already speak, what would it be?
Definitely Arabic.

During this festive holiday season, we think of it as a time to be thankful.  We at Embassy, and in particular here in the A-team, are truly thankful for all our great partners.  You are all wonderful to work with and we wish you nothing but a great holiday season.  We are very excited about what Embassy has to offer in 2016 and look forward to succeeding with each and every one of you in the coming year.


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