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Embassy English 15 January 2016 - by Pedro Henrique de Oliveira, Embassy English London

My Embassy Life: Pedro from Brazil at Embassy London

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Pedro from Brazil tells us more about his experience in Embassy London as part of our series, My Embassy Life. 

My Embassy Life Pedro

Hello Embassy family! I will never forget these 6 months with you! I’m Pedro from Brazil and I’ve studied in Embassy London for 6 months. I always wanted to study abroad and this course at Embassy looked like a good opportunity to achieve this dream. English is the most important language and it’s essential to communicate with the global word!

My Embassy Life Central London 1

So I wanted to take a course to improve my English and I chose to study in this school because of Embassy’s reputation and also because is a once of a lifetime opportunity to study in the centre of the biggest capital in the word, London. I booked a General English course and I started at Pre-Intermediate level. I moved on to Upper Intermediate after 5 months of study and dedication.

I had 3 different teachers: Kallie, Fiona and Luke. They were perfect in everything. They were always using the interactive whiteboard and made classes interesting with a mix of communication, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary activities. Every week they brought different kind of materials like BBC news, movies, TV series and newspapers and focused on that, together with grammar and vocabulary.

My Embassy Life Central London 2

I was also a Student Rep at our Central London school! It was a pleasure for me to help other students on their first weeks and to help the Embassy London team. My job was to keep in touch with the students and make Embassy even more welcoming place for everybody – some students are a bit shy when they first arrive in a new country so I made sure everyone felt at home from day 1!

My Embassy Life Friends 1

My life outside the classroom was wonderful. All the students come to make new friends and because of that it was very easy to socialize. The social program at Embassy helped us explore the best of London with activities and suggestions about what to do. London is the biggest capital in the word so the city never stops and it is impossible to not feel its energy. I travelled to Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and Portsmouth in the UK, beautiful cities with a lot of history and heritage. But the best thing about this experience was meeting friends that I want to keep in touch with for the rest of my life, I love making new friends!

My Embassy Life Friends 2

Unfortunately it’s time to come back. I will miss this city and all the friends I met there. If you want to improve your English and have an unforgettable adventure in a wonderful city, come to Embassy Central London!

I want to say a special thanks for this awesome Embassy Central London team and thanks for all the assistance you gave me: Ivan, Cornelia, Luke (Teacher), Fiona, Kallie, Luke (Activities), Maggie and Eleanor.

And to say goodbye…I would like to do it in the best and most traditional British way: ‘’Cheers’’!

My Embassy Story Friends


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2 responses to “My Embassy Life: Pedro from Brazil at Embassy London”

  1. such a funny story of adventure and cool photos. You’re real friends, waiting for new stories

  2. Thanks for your story. Many young people want to improve their level of English through an unforgettable adventure. Just keep it up, guys!

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