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Embassy English 22 February 2016 - by JulieAnna Grubert, Program Manager, Embassy English

BETL: Bringing English to Life in the USA

At Embassy English, we focus on Bringing English to Life (“BETL”) in as many ways as possible. Some ways in which we achieve this on a weekly basis are through our Conversation Clubs and Writing Workshop. We offer these social activities every week so that students can practice and improve their English skills.

field trip1

Both activities are led by qualified and enthusiastic teachers, and students really enjoy partaking in whatever lessons they have planned. Another way in which the BETL philosophy is incorporated is through field trips, which our teachers implement into their core class lessons so that students may practice their English outside of the classroom.

Conversation Club 2

The Conversation Club takes place twice per week in our school, in both the morning and the afternoon, so that students may attend regardless of what time they have class. The teacher and students meet in the Conference Room, and practice building their fluency by discussing various topics.

Field Trip 4

Students sometimes break off into groups and play different types of games, and other times they work in partners to discuss certain subjects. A popular activity has been “speed-dating”, in which students go from classmate to classmate asking and answering different questions to get to know one another.

Converstion Club 3

The Writing Workshop occurs once per week, on the day in which none of our students have elective classes so that everyone is available to attend should they choose to. In the past, teachers have worked on projects such as newsletters about our school and the city of Boston.

Field Trip 3

Currently, students are being given assignments to work on in order to improve their individual writing skills. The teacher tailors the lesson in order to accommodate the needs of the students in attendance. This is a really wonderful opportunity for our students to focus on such a difficult skill, regardless of the student’s level.

Field Trip 1

In addition to these two great BETL activities, Embassy Boston’s teachers love to bring students on field trips at least once per term, if not more often. Students have had the opportunity to visit the famous Massachusetts State House, the beautiful Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, the popular Quincy Market in Faneuil Hall, the historic Boston Common, the scenic Public Garden, and many more exciting sites throughout Boston.

Field Trip 5

Teachers have also had students complete scavenger hunts, in which they have had to locate specific items throughout the city, and talk to many different people in order to collect various pieces of information. Students and teachers alike have a lot of fun Bringing English to Life, and it really is a motto which we embrace here at Embassy Boston, as well as all of the Embassy English schools.

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