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Embassy English 11 February 2016 - by Grauso Lins Albuquerque Junior, Student Embassy English Melbourne

Embassy Goals: Catching Up with Embassy Melbourne Alumni Grauso Lins Albuquerque Junior

At Embassy English, students are at the core of everything we do. In fact, we promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Helping people from around the world achieve their English speaking goals is our passion, and there is nothing more fulfilling than learning about what our students have achieved after graduation. This week, Embassy English Melbourne alumni Grauso Lins Albuquerque Junior stopped by campus to give us an update on his life, and how Embassy English helped him to achieve his dreams. 

Meet “Junior”

Hello!! My name is Grauso Lins Albuquerque Junior, but everyone calls me “Junior.” I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest and craziest cities in the world. I was a student at Embassy English Melbourne from January to June in 2011.brazil

When I started my English course I didn’t know much of the English language. All of the teachers that I had at that time helped me a lot, in so many different ways. The best part of the class for me was the conversation. I was afraid to speak English with mistakes, by the time I got comfortable with the language of course theses mistakes were disappearing.


How Learning English Has Helped Me

In 2011 I started my life in the kitchen industry. I started as dishwasher and after that I moved to kitchen apprentice. I moved from Sao Paulo to Melbourne to improve my English and work in restaurants in Melbourne. First of all I learned English through my father. He is a really big fan of music and bands like Queen, AC/DC, The Beatles. He showed me these bands, and I wanted to learn more what these bands were singing about. This was my first step to start studying English.

the beatles

The time went by and English helped me a lot in my cooking career. In Brazil in 2012, working in the Hotel, my Chef knowing that I was the only one who could speak English , put me in a kitchen,  one of main things besides cooking is being able to chat with the customers of different nationalities.  The customers didn’t know how to speak Portuguese, so the only way to communicate with them was in English. I could chat with a lot of my rock Idols at that time!


What I’m Doing Now

After 5 years, I`m back to Melbourne.  Now I’m a professional cook and I will work in one of the best hotels in Melbourne. I would never have been able to work in this company if I didn’t speak English properly. All of the things that love to do in my life involves  the English language such as listening  to and playing some music, travel as a backpacker for different countries, watching movies and still talking with a lot of my foreign friends around the planet.

I’m really thankful to Embassy English for all of these opportunities English gives me.

To learn more about studying English and achieving your Embassy Goals in exciting Melbourne, Australia, contact us today! 

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