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Embassy English 1 February 2016 - by Laina Gardiner MacRae, Global Communications Manager

Embassy Teachers: Meet Michela Scolari, IELTS, London

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. We promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Recently we caught up with Michela Scolari, one of our teachers at Embassy London, who is an IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) professor, whose specialty is preparing international students for the IELTS Exam


Here at Embassy London we’re lucky enough to have an IELTS Teacher, Invigilator and Clerical Marker all wrapped up in one talented and fun bundle. Introducing Michela Scolari, IELTS extraordinaire since 2011.

‘Last year, I went to an IELTS Training session at the British Council with Michela – and it was like being with the most popular girl at the party. Everyone figured out pretty quickly how much she knew about IELTS; even the trainer was asking her advice by the end of the two days.’
Jennifer, Embassy English London colleague 


We had a chat with Michela on her break in an attempt to lure out her advice and top tips on all things IELTS.

“I think students initially find it hard to get in to the IELTS mind set. It’s a completely different ball game to the writing lessons they would have had in their home countries. It’s important they shake off their misconceptions and come at IELTS with a new attitude and a blank slate.”

Embassy English Greenwich

“A good way to prepare for IELTS is to increase your vocabulary; students need to be encouraged to read on a daily basis. Not only does this increase their reading speed, get them used to dealing with unfamiliar words, but also it builds up their vocabulary for all four components.

Of course, I don’t just mean read new words. Students need to: Read – Record – Revise – Reuse.”

Embassy English GreenwichIELTS Tips:

  • Spelling is important.
  • Write clearly.
  • Use your time. Remember to use the last 10 minutes of the listening test to transfer your answers, check your spelling and write clearly.

Michela is a homebody and she can quite easily while away her free time decorating and gardening. Every Friday she can be found cooking family recipes for her and her husband. Yum!

Embassy English GreenwichAbout the IELTS Exam Preparation program at Embassy English

In as little as 4 weeks we will give you the skills and strategies to walk into the exam room with confidence and walk out with a great result.

Why choose an IELTS exam course?

  • Improve the language skills needed to pass your IELTS exam
  • Learn effective exam strategies
  • Gain exam confidence with regular tests and mock exams
  • Learn the English needed for university or for working internationally
  • Become familiar with the UK/Australian accents in the test

London_english_school_4Contact us to learn more about the course and how Embassy English teachers will give you the tools to successfully pass the exam. 

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