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Embassy English 9 February 2016 - by Reg Veale, Principal, Embassy Hastings

Insider’s Guide: Embassy English Hastings

Embassy English Hastings, United Kingdom is a great choice if you love to be by the sea. With its central location, exploring is easy – walk to the beach or the historic Old Town from our mansion school among its beautiful gardens. With inspirational support from helpful teachers, plus lively social learning activities, your English will quickly improve as you experience British culture in family-style atmosphere, with easy access to London and Brighton. Discover Famously Hastings – An Insider’s Guide from our Embassy English Hastings Principal, Reg Veale. 


Popular with visitors since the year 1066, when William, Duke of Normandy, landed here with his armies and defeated the English King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, thus changing the course of history. It also meant Hastings can claim to be the birthplace of the modern English language based as it is on the fusion of French (and the Latin that came with it) and the Anglo-Saxon in use at that time.


The sunny weather and magnificent scenery have attracted creative people down the ages from Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, to John Logie Baird, who broadcast the first television pictures from here around 90 years ago. The sport of motor racing as the world knows it today started in nearby Bexhill back in 1902.


But the visitors we cherish the most nowadays are the 3000 students from 25 different countries who choose to study at Embassy Hastings every year. Like all Embassy schools, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching; selecting only the most skilled, experienced and qualified teachers. But we know language learning doesn’t stop in the classroom and, in Hastings, we provide a lively social programme to ensure our students get the most out of every single minute of their stay in our small but lively town.


‘There are so many interesting things to see and do around the town and Embassy staff organise trips and events during our free time,’ says Shuo Song better known to us as ‘Frank’, from China. ‘Our Embassy guide takes us on trips around the town and there are coach trips to local places of interest as well as to cities like London and Cambridge which are only about 2 hours from here. I particularly liked the evening ‘ghost walk’. We learned so much about the some of the more scary aspects of the history of the town-and Dexter presents it all so entertainingly. We had a great time!’hastings6Santi is a 17 year old student from Colombia and he will be with us for 6 months altogether. ‘I enjoy taking part in the international student disco evenings or the film nights/conversation club at the school. I get to practise my English outside class, which I think is important for me.”hastings5Aya, from Japan, liked the Tea & Deportment afternoon. Students get to dress up in historical costumes and learn about history of English style, manners and social etiquette down the centuries, so often linked to that pastime beloved of the English: tea drinking. The event is led by ‘Lady Rebecca’, an accomplished actress, who keeps the students mesmerised from start to finish. Sport is not forgotten and all our students get the chance to have a full length game of football or tennis every week.hastings6Mariel is a group leader and is on her fourth visit with a group of teenagers from Argentina. She and her students have just come back from a 7 night tour of Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris in the company of a group of Brazilian students, a trip organised by Embassy and led by Dexter Gilbert, the Social Activities Manager.hastings4Dexter was so knowledgeable about all the countries and important sights on our trip and the students were absolutely spellbound by their experience and the fascinating detail supplied by Dexter,’ she says.


‘We’ve been sending groups here from our school in Buenos Aires for more than 15 years and we’d never go anywhere else as it’s so friendly here and like being part of one large international family.’

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In addition to continental Europe, Embassy has organised extended trips for groups to Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Lake District and we are always ready to respond to any special requirements student groups might have.

And what about you? Will you come and join our Embassy English Hastings family? You know you will be very welcome !!


To learn more about studying English in beautiful Hastings, UK, contact us today!


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