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Embassy English 29 February 2016 - by Sabrina Zambrano Naranjo, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

My Embassy Life San Francisco: Sabrina Zambrano Naranjo from Venezuela

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Sabrina from Venezuela tells us more about her experience in San Francisco as part of our series, My Embassy Life San Francisco. 

Full name: Sabrina Zambrano Naranjo.

Course Studied: General English.

Level of English at the beginning of your course: Pre-Intermediate.

Before I came to the U.S I was living in Venezuela with my parents, I was in an English course there too and I started to study fashion design. I really wanted to learn English because it’s very important to communicate with people outside of your country, for work, for travel, almost for everything. I chose Embassy English because was a small school, and the small schools are more comfortable to learn, there is a small group in your class and the teachers have the chance to dedicate time to each student.


When I came to the U.S my English was very basic, I had a lot of vocabulary because, when I was in high school my English teacher used to send us as homework like 200 verbs per semester and we were always writing sentences with this verbs, but because in my country we don’t speak English I never had the chance to speak with other people and practice it, just the months before I came here and was just a little bit in the English class.

I chose to study English in San Francisco because when I was a little girl I was obsessed with this city. I always wanted to come; it was like a dream for me to live in San Francisco. Now, I’m here and I feel like one of my dreams already has come true as result of my perseverance and my desire to reach my goals.


One of the things that I really like about Embassy, are the teachers. They are really nice! The techniques they use to teach you different things are amazing. Sometimes we mixed the classes and they planned a game or whatever. They are this kind of teachers that you never get bored. Also they are like friends. If you need help with something they can help you. In addition, they provide everything as they can to help you learn English.

My English has improved a lot since I studied in Embassy. Thanks to them who gave me the tools to improve my English every day, I could apply to the college and thankfully I got accepted. Now I keep improving my English but to in a higher level because I’m around American people.


I got a lot of memories from the time that I spent in Embassy; choosing a favorite one is really hard, because of the fact that I did a lot of things. One of my best memories is that every day after class I used to meet my group of friends in the student lounge, we used to go to the mall or whatever place where we wanted to eat, buy the food and come back to Embassy to eat together. Later, we used to go to explore San Francisco, one of the places that we really like is Dolores Park, that park was the place where we always ended up when we just wanted to go somewhere near and relax.

embassy san fran

Speaking English is going to help me a lot to achieve my dreams. I’m studying in a city college in the U.S now and without English I could not study there. Also, English is one of the most spoken languages, then if you want to travel you need it or if your job requires to speak with people who doesn’t speak your language, you need it. The point is, without English I could not “make my dreams come true”.


My future plans are, finish college, transfer to a 4 year university and start from now to slowly plan how I want my little company or store. As a fashion designer, I would like to have my own company or store. Before, I would like to work first with some Venezuelan designers, if I have the opportunity. I would like to travel around the world and specifically travel to Milan, Paris, Tokyo, London, Morocco and NY.

To learn more about studying English in exciting San Francisco, USA, contact us today! And stay tuned this month for more entries from our My Embassy Life San Francisco series. 

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  1. Tora says:

    Great Sabrina! I love your experience and your spirit.
    Love U!

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