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Embassy English 2 February 2016 - by Fairy Pai, Student, Embassy English

My Embassy Life: Celebrity Blogger Fairy Pai and Taking English to the Next Level

Last fall, Embassy English London and Embassy English Oxford had the pleasure of welcoming two very special students, Fairy Pai  百勒絲 and Raven Tango /百百雷門工作室. The couple are well-known Taiwanese bloggers and social media super stars who decided to improve their English language skills with Embassy English. 

Fairy and Raven have been featured in international TV, Print and online media. Raven is a tattoo artist and model, Fairy is a writer, blogger, and model and wrote a book called 勇敢,相信愛 (be brave, trust love)  They are icons of their generation, encouraging young people to share their ideas/thoughts in their life and deliver a message of Love and Courage to their millions of followers.

Fairy and EmbassyPhoto from @fairypai.

We recently caught up with Fairy and learned that she and Raven are eager to take their English education to the next level. They have decided to sign up for an additional year of study with Embassy English. We are thrilled to welcome back and can’t wait to follow their new #EmbassyLife adventures!

Fairy fairyFairy Pai and Raven Tango receive their Embassy Level of English Certificates.

My Embassy Life: Taking English to the Next Level

This is the 30th day after we returned to sweet Taiwan from Europe, where we spent a month living there. There are some many scenery and experiences we would love to share with you guys. This journey brought us so much energy in life, and the best parts is #EmbassyOxford! The time of studying in school in UK for half month was precious.

Fairy and Raven in LondonFairy and Raven in London. 令人匪夷所思的倫敦 Tower bridge塔橋鐵橋傻傻分不清楚版  Photo from @Fairy Pai.

I remember there was warm sun on a cold day, Raven and I sat outside of a bar and had some tasty fish and chips, the sun was so great that I squinted my eyes and told Raven, “Hon, If we really want to take our English ability to the next level, we should at least spend a year to study seriously hard in Embassy, just like what we do now: living in London, getting up in 7 am then having breakfast and walking to school together, talking to each other in English 24/7, even when we just got up that we are so dreamy, we should chat in English, too. Maybe when we accidentally speak Chinese we would’ve forgotten Chinese grammar already (Like we were in a total English speakers mode)! What I mean is, the learning environment is so nice, the teachers are so considerate and humorous, the classmates are so friendly, if we could learn here, why don’t we?

fairyOur dormitory is in Camden Town!so if we’re hungry(need some foods/drinks),there is only one thing we have to do – across the street! then we are here! the Camden Market.  Photo from @fairypai. 

After we discussed for a while, Raven realized that he married a wife who’s full of drives and not worrying about anything for the future. Thus he decided to step into the journey of growing with me (He even told me that if I want to go to Embassy Japan, he would follow me without any hesitation to fulfill my dream, although he doesn’t know any Japanese at all. Luckily there’s no Embassy in Japan, so I think he’s so relieved.) Anyway, we spent 10 minutes on discussing this topic, and before we left the bar, we have made up our minds for our future…

Fairy and Raven UK

fairy fairy 2Taiwanese bloggers Fairy and Raven improving their English at Embassy English. 

I don’t believe there are problem that couldn’t be solved, all you need to do is being brave to face your dream and future. Please pursue the life you look forward to when you’re ready, there will be full of possibility in the journey. When you’re actually achieving the dream of your life, you will realize that the excuses that stopped you to step forward were not important at all.

However, before all actions you take, you should know how to treat yourself well, maintain a great health status physically and mentally. Also, you have to understand what you’d like to experience and obtain clearly. In short, I seriously recommend you guys to study abroad! Of course there will be obstacles, but I believe you will conquer the difficulties if you have a determined heart. Learn more about Embassy: http://www.embassyenglish.com/

Fairy in LondonFairy in London. Photo from @Fairy Pai.


這一趟旅行讓我們的生活注入了很多能量,其中讓我們覺得最飽滿最精采的,莫過於 #EmbassyOxford !

曬得懶洋洋的,我瞇著眼睛輕輕的對著雷門說:「老公,如果我們真心的想把英文學的更流利,也許應該要用至少一年的時間,在Embassy好好的認真學習 ; 就像現在的我們一樣,生活在倫敦,早上七點起床,一起去吃早餐,一起散步上學,24小時都用英語對話,就連起床的當下,儘管頭腦都還迷迷糊糊,開口也都是英語…不小心講中文時還忘記中文語法(全心全意的變外國人模式XD)!


我們兩個人思考了一陣子,但雷門總是細心(也比較容意擔心),提出了一些小問題,但是沒一會兒他立刻就明白,他是娶了個對未來從來沒在怕要就熱血立刻衝的老婆(消婆),所以他決定與老婆一起踏上這條成長路(還說假如一年之後我還想去Embassy Japan,完全不懂日文的他也會不顧一切跟隨我的腳步,陪我完成我的夢想,但日本沒有Embassy,我想他應該鬆一口氣XD)

Abbey roadFairy And Raven at the famous Abbey Road. 

當我在小夢想紙條上寫下英國Abbey Road時 最幸福的就是知道會和你一起牽手實現版  Photo from @Fairy Pai.



fairy and squirrelMe and little squirrel. Photo from @fairypai

妳在這裡所認為的不捨,那些當初妳認為牽絆妳的理由,在妳已經置身在夢想裡時,根本就微不足道 ; 當然前提是自己要懂得好好過生活,維持著自己最好、最健康的狀態,妳想要體驗什麼得到什麼,妳自己要清楚明白。



fairy and ravenFairy and Raven. Photo from @Fairy Pai.

Be sure to follow Fairy and Raven on social media, and stay tuned to our blog for more updates on their English language education plans with Embassy English! 


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