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Embassy English 30 March 2016 - by Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

My Embassy Life: Getting Around Melbourne

Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, our newest student blogger, has been working as a journalist in her home country of Colombia, she knew that in order to achieve her goals of taking her career to the next level, she needed to improve her… Read more…

Embassy English 26 March 2016 - by Tanya Dudevich, Program Manager, Embassy English Toronto

Embassy Toronto: Top 5 Things to do in Toronto in the Winter

When most people think of Toronto and Canada, they immediately think of the cold and winter. But, in Toronto, cold doesn’t mean the end of fun— It’s actually just the beginning! There are countless things to do in the city… Read more…

Embassy English 25 March 2016 - by Francesca Andrews, Center Director, Embassy San Diego

Embassy Life: Friendship and Peace

This week, Francesca Andrews, Center Director, shares her thoughts on Embassy Life, and how the friendships created at Embassy English are leading to greater cultural understanding and respect among our global students.  Each time a terrible war-like tragedy occurs in another country,… Read more…

Embassy English 24 March 2016 - by Is Caicedo, Student, Embassy English Auckland

My Embassy Life: Is Caicedo from Colombia and Embassy Auckland

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in… Read more…

Embassy English 21 March 2016 - by Alex Martinez, Student Services Assistant

Embassy Brighton Celebrates Kuwaiti Cultural Day

Embassy Brighton always offers programmes in which the students can learn from the diverse cultures and countries of their fellow students. This February, we organized a special event: celebration of the Kuwaiti Independence Day. We practiced English while learning about… Read more…

Embassy English 19 March 2016 - by John McQuaid, Director of US Summer Schools for Embassy

Embassy Summer: Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and friends. When students join Embassy Summer, they will create these amazing memories while learning English too! And when you join Embassy Summer as part of our inspiring leadership team, you too will have enriching… Read more…

Embassy English 18 March 2016 - by Richard Headley, Teacher, Embassy English Sydney

Embassy Teachers: Meet Richard Headley, English Teacher from Embassy Sydney

‘Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help… Read more…

Embassy Places 17 March 2016 - by Julie Anna Grubert, Program Manager, Embassy English

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Embassy English

St. Patrick’s (“Paddy’s”) Day is a very festive and fun holiday in Boston. It’s an especially important tradition for Embassy Boston because there is a large Irish population in and around the city, contributing to Boston’s unique culture and way… Read more…

Embassy English 16 March 2016 - by Wllyssys Wolfgang Reis Dias De Araujo, Student, Embassy English London

Bringing English to Life: Interviewing Locals in London

Bringing English to Life is our philosophy at Embassy English. It is more than unique activities and programmes; it is embedded in everything we do. By Bringing English To Life for our students, we enable them to experience the language in… Read more…

Embassy English 14 March 2016 - by Emma Oseguera, Student, Embassy English San Francisco

My Embassy Life San Francisco: Emma Oseguera from Mexico

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in… Read more…

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