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Embassy English 16 March 2016 - by Wllyssys Wolfgang Reis Dias De Araujo, Student, Embassy English London

Bringing English to Life: Interviewing Locals in London

Bringing English to Life is our philosophy at Embassy English. It is more than unique activities and programmes; it is embedded in everything we do. By Bringing English To Life for our students, we enable them to experience the language in a way that surpasses simple classroom instruction. Our study centres provide multiple opportunities for students to challenge their English speaking skills through these BETL activities in the classroom, in the community,  and online. At Embassy English London , Laura Hayward’s Pre-Intermediate English Class recently ventured out into the city to interview locals about life in Greenwich, and student Wllyssys Wolfgang Reis Dias De Araujo from Brazil shared his BETL experience. 

Laura and whole class

A Bringing English To Life Event with Laura’s Pre-Intermediate Class

Our activity last Friday it was very nice. First, I was scared because I don’t know if I could make up questions for British peoples life style.  The survey should be to show how British spend their free time. Our teacher made a raffle for choose the teams and its components. Then, on it was me, Andres and Harrison to ask questions.


We made five questions about people’s free time:

1 – Do you practice any sports? If yes, how often do you practice? (and which?)

2 – How often do you go the theater?

3 – How often do you watch TV, per week?

4 – What do you prefer between: a) concerts    b) gigs   c) nothing

5 – How long do you spend on your mobile phone?

But, I was scared to approach the people… so, we wrote two questions to help: “Do you have a minute to answer some questions, please?” and “Hello, we are doing a survey on British free time habits”.


Finally, after the break time on class, we went to Greenwich Centre to apply the survey. Our first interviewed was an older woman. We arrived shyly and spoke:

“Excuse miss, we are English Student, do you have a minute to answer some questions, please?”

She looked, but before to refuse, Andres spoke: “A few minutes, please!” She smiled and agreed.

She was in front a shop waiting her friend to pay a bill inside of shop. She was a friendly person and very strong. Maybe she was seventy years old (we didn’t asked), but she practice yoga four times a week, and go swimming once a week. (Now, do you understand why her strong?). She has breath to go to the theater six times a year. And watch TV one hour everyday. She rarely spends her time on mobile phone. Maybe five minutes every day…Then, her friend arrived and she needed to go.


After, we found a man stopped on Bus Station. He was Bus’s collector. His name was William. Maybe he was thirty years old and he was typing his mobile phone. He agreed, and he told us didn’t practice sports. He sometime goes diving, but hardly ever. He goes to the theater three times a year and sometimes he goes to gigs to see standup comedian, but he stays all the day on mobile phone. (Really? Of course! We saw!)


We interviewed six people. One old man, British, very friendly. Maybe he was ninety years old. There was a blonde woman with her daughter. Harrison interviewed her and I recorded a video. Next, we interviewed a man. He was eating, but agreed to answer. (We thought he was lying, because his accent was different.) Andres interviewed a quiet woman (I’m sometimes confused between pronunciation of ‘quiet’ and ‘quite.’) in front of a restaurant. Next, I interviewed a cool woman. Her name is Heike. She practices Pilates and cycling four or five times a week. She goes to the theatre three times a year, but she watches TV one or two hours everyday. She likes music and prefers concerts. She doesn’t do listen to music in her mobile phone, because she spend only 10 minutes everyday.  Then, I thanked for her time and we came back to Embassy English School.

It was a great experience! Thanks for this, teacher!


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  1. […] As aulas eram muito dinâmicas e divertidas – com professores nativos, preparados e muito bem humorados. Além do que era ensinado através de exercícios em sala, tínhamos atividades externas. Certa vez, foi proposto que saíssemos à rua (durante a aula) para entrevistar os transeuntes britânicos sobre o estilo de vida deles. Foi inicialmente assustador, mas depois muito enriquecedor. Conseguimos coletar várias entrevistas e depois viramos notícia no próprio blog da escola. […]

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