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Embassy Places 17 March 2016 - by Julie Anna Grubert, Program Manager, Embassy English

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Embassy English

St. Patrick’s (“Paddy’s”) Day is a very festive and fun holiday in Boston. It’s an especially important tradition for Embassy Boston because there is a large Irish population in and around the city, contributing to Boston’s unique culture and way of life. St. Patrick’s Day is actually a religious holiday honoring the patron saint of Ireland, but over the years, St. Patrick’s Day has become more synonymous with revelry, shamrocks, and celebrating Ireland’s rich cultural heritage across the world. This week, our Embassy English Program Manager, JulieAnna Grubert, planned a big St. Patrick’s Day party for Embassy students to practice their English while joining in Boston’s Irish traditions. 


South Boston (“Southie”) is a neighborhood of Boston that has a particularly big Irish population, and because of this, is the location for one of the largest and most popular St. Patrick’s Day parade in the city each year (either the Sunday before or after the holiday).

It draws crowds from all over, and is quite a sight to see. Boston’s basketball team is even named the Celtics, given by the team founder who found it appropriate due to the vast amount of Irish people in Boston.

embassy boston 1

In light of St. Paddy’s Day being such a big deal in Boston, and because Embassy students love to have a good time, Embassy Boston threw a St. Paddy’s Day party at The Bell in Hand Tavern near historic Faneuil Hall. It was a roaring success, with almost 50 students, teachers, and staff members in attendance.

Embassy boston 2

Everyone had a fun time sipping beer out of green bottles, “noshing” on various appetizers, and dancing to lively music. And in true Embassy English form, everyone had plenty of opportunities to practice their English in conversations with one another!

Even our activities are educational and bring English to life, because that’s #EmbassyLife.

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