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Embassy English 21 March 2016 - by Alex Martinez, Student Services Assistant

Embassy Brighton Celebrates Kuwaiti Cultural Day

Embassy Brighton always offers programmes in which the students can learn from the diverse cultures and countries of their fellow students. This February, we organized a special event: celebration of the Kuwaiti Independence Day. We practiced English while learning about the culture and traditions of Kuwait with food, music, and dance.

The original idea came from Turki, one Kuwaiti student who proposed do something special for that day so the rest of the students in the school can learn from his country. He and I decided that it was a good chance to practice English and engage students, so we started to plan and organize it.

Embassy Brighton

The celebration took place at the Exam Hall of the school; we used several Kuwaiti flags, the music stereo and the big screen. The event started at 12 noon, few minutes before the students finish class. The room was decorated with festive balloons and Kuwaiti flags.

embassy brighton 1

The music, tradition Kuwaiti of course, was playing and the traditional food was already served on the tables. A few of the Kuwaiti students were dressed up with their traditional costumes, and on the screen it was projected a documentary about Kuwait.

embassy brighton

Once the students entered the room the celebration started, they all ate delicious Kuwaiti delights, such as sweets of honey or dates. And they all drank traditional coffee and tea.

Embassy Brighton

Because there was spare Arabic costume, everyone could get dressed as typical Arab and take few photos and selfies. That was really funny and they all had a great time by doing so. After a while, some got together in groups and started to dance to typical Kuwaiti songs. They stayed dancing till 2.00 pm when we finally had to put an end to the fun event.

Embassy Brighton 2

In conclusion, this event was really fun and interested, because all the students got to learn something of a different culture. I am sure that there will be more activities of this kind in the future in Embassy Brighton.

kuwait flag 1

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