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Embassy English 19 March 2016 - by John McQuaid, Director of US Summer Schools for Embassy

Embassy Summer: Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and friends. When students join Embassy Summer, they will create these amazing memories while learning English too! And when you join Embassy Summer as part of our inspiring leadership team, you too will have enriching academic and social experiences that you will always remember. This week, John McQuaid, Director of US Summer Schools for Embassy, tells us more about what it means to work for Embassy Summer and how you can join us this year! 

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Embassy Summer

The very first interview I conducted for the summer of 2016 summer program was a real “eye-opener.”  It was with Jessica Z, a returning candidate from last year.  I asked Jessica to tell me about her experience last summer.  Knowing that the summer school positions provide a wide variety of challenges I was expecting to hear Jessica mention the long hours, demanding group leaders, young students frustrated by their challenge to understand English or overwhelmed with anxiety associated with being thousands of miles from home eating unusual food and living with a stranger with whom it was difficult to communicate.

But I was pleasantly surprised at Jessica’s response.  She almost shouted; “It was a fantastic summer!  I can’t wait to do it again!” 

Embassy Summer

She went on, enthusiastically, about how much fun she had and how rewarding it was for her to get to know some of the students and the staff with whom she remained close friends.

It wasn’t only Jessica.  Her reaction was remarkably consistent.  I’ve since interviewed a dozen returning candidates and heard similar stories.

Embassy Summer

I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing friends of returning staff members, one of whom, Emily R., is a current dolphin trainer at Sea World in Florida.  Emily told me she has a very close friend who said that a summer with Embassy was an experience she absolutely had to do.  Emily said, “she told me it was the ‘best summer ever’ and I had to try to be a part of it.”

Embassy Summer

It’s a thrill to be working with the rest of the Embassy Summer team preparing to launch our 2016 US Summer program.  We’re now spending much of our time interviewing candidates for our programs and it’s truly a delight to connect with such an outstanding group of people who share the goal of providing an educational, safe and fun summer experience for all of our students.

Embassy Summer

These positions with Embassy Summer are terrific opportunities for college students and teachers interested in summer positions.  Our Activity Leaders essentially act as camp counselors and ensure the well-being and enjoyment of the students.

It is an opportunity for young adults to learn critical career skills like leadership, management, organization and team dynamics.  They will work hard but have a terrific time.

Embassy Summer

Embassy Summer will host over 10,000 students in the US and the UK this summer and we are seeking hundreds of people to help us run these programs. We are always on the lookout for great candidates at one of our 4 centres in the US or 16 centres in the UK.

The benefits of an Embassy Summer position include: 

  • Full-time & part-time summer positions available
  • Accommodations (with full meal program) available for Managers, Activity Leaders and some Teachers
  • Fun and exciting environment working with children aged 10-17 years old
  • Build lasting friendships with colleagues from around the country and the world
  • Gain valuable management or teaching experience

Embassy Summer

If you know of anyone – friend, family or neighbor – who may be interested and qualified please forward them the following links to learn more or to apply online:

Embassy Summer positions in the UK:


Embassy Summer positions in the US:



And to learn more about joining Embassy Summer as a student, contact us today! 

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