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Embassy English 27 April 2016 - by Jamila Ahmed, English Teacher, Embassy English New Zealand

Embassy Auckland Students Share New Zealand’s Best Activities, Part 1

This week, student’s from our Advanced English Class, taught by Jamila Ahmed, share their favorite activities and adventures around Embassy Auckland in New Zealand.

Embassy Auckland

Two “Must Do” Activities In Auckland

by Andres Guzman

Very close to Auckland, specifically in the north, you will find a little suburb called Waiwera. There, beside beautiful beaches and an amazing landscape, the Waiwera Thermal Pool Resort is located. At the resort you can enjoy a wide range of activities such as going down the waterslides, sitting in the movie pool or relaxing in the mineral thermal pools. It’s a perfect place in both winter or summer; either because of the hot and relaxing pools or the fast and refreshing waterslides.

Waiwera2 Embassy Auckland

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more relaxed and rewarding experience, you can go to the Parnell Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. Located on Parnell road, near the Auckland Domain, this local market offers a fresh and natural option of fruit, vegetables, honey, jam, bread and meat. Some of them are organically produced, which make them a bit expensive but totally worth it. If you want to go, just remember that it opens from 8 am to 12 pm. And maybe, if you are lucky, you can find good sale right before the closing time. Enjoy!

Waiwera1 Embassy Auckland

Activities in New Zealand

By Monique Batista

Hi, I’m Monique Batista and I`m a thrill-seeker and a lover of extreme sports. So, I will suggest two activities in Auckland that I have already done and were amazing: skydiving and kitesurfing.

Let me start with the easier one. No, you are wrong, it isn`t the kitesurfing. I`m talking about flying. Skydiving is a piece of cake! You just need to have the courage to go to a skydive area and pay US$325 for a tandem jump.  But if you are an experienced skydiver like me, you just have to pay US$50 for your one-way seat on the airplane. If you don’t bring your gear, do’t you worry about it. In skydive areas, they rent it to you for US$50 per jump. One more thing, if you are a foreigner and just have your national skydiving licence, you have to pay a validation tax which will cost you another US$50. This allows you to jump for three months in New Zealand. If you will stay here for more time than that, they have other options of membership available. I recommend the Auckland Skydive Area because they are very professional and there is a lot of space for landing.

The second suggestion is to try (yes, I said try) kitesurfing. Auckland is a windy city, so you have to enjoy it by doing this fantastic and challenging sport. I really recommend you have classes with JC Kitesurf and Surf because they have experienced instructors. If you are a beginner, the first class will cost you US$ 255 for 3 hours and you will learn kite control, kite safety and body dragging. For you to start to ride (badly), you will need at least 3 more hours. As I said before, this is a hard sport and you have to be patient and persistent. But, if you are already an intermediate or an advanced kiteboarder, you can rent the gear for US$50 per hour and enjoy the activity. They also offer lessons for those who want to progress in the sport and learn new tricks. I did 2 hours and started to do little jumps.

Kite Surf Auckland

Always remember to check the forecast before doing both sports. For skydiving and kitesurfing, the weather really counts.

Two Relaxing Activities to do in Auckland

By Juliana Antunes

If you are going to spend some time in the land of the Kiwis I suggest you to spend at least one afternoon at Mission Bay Beach. It is located about 2 km from Central Auckland. It would be a good option if you want to sunbathe but don’t have enough time to go to the beaches that are further away.

Another activity I strongly recommend to you  is to have a day trip to one of the Hauraki Gulf Islands. There you can visit some vineyards and have the opportunity to taste some of the New Zealand’s wines.

Embassy Auckland

To learn more about studying English in exciting Auckland, New Zealand, contact us today! 

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