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Embassy English 14 April 2016 - by Laina Gardiner MacRae, Global Communications Manager

Embassy English Welcomes the Thai Royal Scholarship Students

In January, Embassy English was invited to The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand to present three scholarships to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for exceptional Thai students to to participate in her Thai Royal Scholarship Program for English language studies. The scholarships cover eight weeks of study to Embassy English Brisbane (Australia), Embassy English Oxford (United Kingdom) and Embassy English San Francisco (USA.) This month, we are proud to introduce the three Thai students who were selected by the princess to begin their scholastic journeys at our study centres.

Thai-Princess Embassy English Embassy English at the presentation ceremony with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

Embassy San Francisco Welcomes Ms. Budsabakorn Suwanakasa

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Budsabakon Suwanakasa but can call me Aoy. I am 32 years old I live in Bangkok. I am a secondary special teacher at Chitralada School. I teach science to my special child such as Autistic, learning Disability, ADHD. I work for 10 years and very happy for teaching my lovely student.

Embassy English Thai Student

Why do you want to learn English/improve your English skills?

I want to improve my English skills because it help me to be more knowledgeable in our world view. I want to read well for read a new knowledge about special education or Educational Psychology. I want to connect with a person who is a special in special education or Educational Psychology for help my special child. I think English skill so importance for everyone nowadays.

What are you excited about doing in your host city?

I excited about  learning, culture traveling, make a new friend, etc. I want to visit special education school most.

Embassy English San Francisco

Embassy Oxford Welcomes Mrs. Nanattaphan Sampawakoop

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Nanattaphan Sampawakoop. My nickname is Know. I am 40 years old and live in Bangkok. I  graduated  in  Zoology Science from Kasetsart University and then I went to Sweden and China to study in Wildlife Conservation in 2004. I have taught at Chitralada School for 13 year as a science teacher for primary level .

Embassy English Thai Student

 Why do you want to learn English/improve your English skills?

I would like  to  improve my English skills : listening specking reading and writing . I am a science teacher and I’d like to teach my students in English. We have lots of English medias for them but I think the teachers should have the knowledge about the things we teach , I think all English skills are important for me.

What are you excited about doing in your host city?

I’m so excited to learn my favorite language which is a British English from  the native speakers and I’m excited to get some more knowledge about my science . I would like to go to Botanical Garden ,Science Museum ,The National Park, The Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Embassy English Oxford_english_school_3

Embassy Brisbane Welcomes Mr. Natthaphon Wongubon

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Natthaphon  Wongubon age 32, I live in Nakhon Pathom Province which is 2 hours driving from Bangkok in Thailand. I am a teacher  for a vocational student teaching Mechanical in the Mechanical department at Chitralada School.

Embassy English Thai Student

Why do you want to learn English/improve your English skills?

Because I’m the Head of Mechanical department and I have to meet the school guests and talk to them in English so I think I should learn English  and improve my English skill.

What are you excited about doing in your host city?

I’m very excited about new culture, meeting new people, people’s life style and new friends in Brisbane.

Embassy English Brisbane_english_school_3

ยินดีต้อนรับ (Welcome) to Embassy English! 

Embassy English Thai Students

To learn more about studying English at our Embassy English centres around the world, contact us today! 

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  1. Mark Bailey says:

    Thank you to my staff Nan and Izzy in Thailand for the great efforts here. Thank you also to Victoria M, John L and Bradley M at the three chosen centres and all of the amazing Student Services team that have made the arrival of these students first class. This is greatly appreciated by all involved. Thank you! Mark

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