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Embassy English 26 April 2016 - by Yesle Chung, Student, Embassy English New York

Meet Yesle Chung, Student Ambassador, Embassy New York

Embassy English Student Ambassadors participate in Orientation Day presentations and extracurricular activities, and they offer valuable advice about site-seeing, local cultural events, and adjusting to life far away from home. These Ambassadors act as a “buddy-system” for our  students, so that everyone has a peer who has already experienced Embassy and can be an adviser and new friend from day one. This week, we met with Yesle Chung, a South Korean Student Ambassador to Embassy New York

Embassy New York

What’s your name?

Yesle Chung

Where are you from?

South Korea

How long are you going to be at Embassy?

I will be here until October.

Embassy New_York_english_school_4

Why did you choose to come to New York?

Because it’s New York! My first purpose was to learn to English, but that’s not all. I want to be here to meet a lot of foreign friends and I also want to do English in Action.

What are your favorite things to do around New York?

I love to visit new restaurants – I’m a foodie!

What restaurants do you like?

I really like desserts. My favorite is Junior’s Cheesecake.


Do you have a message to any new students?

Welcome, and let’s enjoy New York together!

If you see Yesle in the halls, be sure to say hi! To learn more about studying English in exciting New York, USA, contact us today!

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