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Embassy English 26 May 2016 - by Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

An Embassy Melbourne Student Interview with Cindy from Korea

Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, our newest student blogger, has been working as a journalist in her home country of Colombia, she knew that in order to achieve her goals of taking her career to the next level, she needed to improve her English language skills. Because Angela’s dreams also included international travel, particularly to Australia, when she discovered  Embassy Melbourne, she knew had found the perfect programme. As part of her intensive English language immersion, Angela will be writing weekly articles for Study Group’s Brightly Blog, as well as acting as a guest contributor to the Embassy English Blog. Stay tuned to follow Angela’s My Embassy Life in fascinating Melbourne, Australia

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Cindy and Her Educational Adventure from Korea to Australia

By Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy Melbourne

Cindy Hyunji Kim is quiet, reserved and a good listener. She recognises that she is shy, but when she feels confident, she expresses all that she is thinking. If she has the opportunity, she always tries to help you. Of course, she is that kind of girl who you can trust because she is strong-willed.

One month ago Cindy decided leave South Korea to come to Melbourne and study one of the most challenging courses; Cambridge Exam English. For her it has been really significant because her language is totally unique.

“Since I am learning English I have been studying not only the language. Therefore I have been studying and memorising each letter of the English alphabet as is quite different on comparison of Korean, which only use a kind of symbols”, she said while tasting a spicy Korean dish called kimchi.

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By the way, South Korea is a particular country located in East Asia. Their vibrant culture has been highly influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism recreating astonishing constructions and paintings which are part of world heritage. Without a second thought it is a dream place to visit.

She has been a hard working student

The education system has characteristics which may sound unusual to some people. Cindy, 21, said in front of her English class at Embassy English that in Korea the standards are high and any students, like her, start preparing early. In Korea the goal is to be a high achiever and it is a goal not only for students but also a dream for their parents.

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“In Korea if you want to go to the best universities in Seoul you have to present an exam and get a high score. Otherwise, you cannot enrol. When I finished my high school, I did that but I couldn’t get the score required, so I waited for one year studying hard and took the ability test one more time. Now I am happy because I am going to study business at one of the best universities”.

To achieve this, she left out either the idea to get a boyfriend or practice some hobby. As she explained, Korean parents believe is important that her children be focused in learning. Precisely, she remember how were the endless hours of studying. “Primary school was bot difficult, but in the high school every day I started to study at 6 am until 5 pm then you have some kind of obligation to study an elective class. When I was doing all this stuff I used to spend time learning until 1 am. Even I had not time to see the sky,” Cindy, said with an innocent smile.

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 Looking for the future

Two months later, exactly 8th June, is a special day for Cindy. She going to take the Cambridge test and hopefully get the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE); specially designed to get a good job around the world. This lovely girl knows that this will be a hard exam but she knows her valorous skills.

Furthermore, she feel grateful because in Embassy Melbourne she has collected fabulous experiences and made new friends. “I am happy because I have met a lot of people from other countries and I have learned about other cultures. Now I am waiting for my new challenge which is my career in the university.”

To learn more about studying English in exciting Embassy Melbourne in Australia, contact us today! 


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