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Embassy English 20 May 2016 - by Jamila Ahmed, English Teacher, Embassy English New Zealand

Embassy Auckland Students Share New Zealand’s Best Activities, Part 2

This week, student’s from our Advanced English Class, taught by Jamila Ahmed, share their favorite activities and adventures around Embassy Auckland in New Zealand.

Embassy Auckland

Bungy Jumping

by Gabriela Rogriguez

I went with my friends to Taupo and a couple of them decided to do bungy jumping. One of them went to jump and while we were watching her, another of us suddenly got tempted and turned around to pay and go bungy jumping too. Then that part of the trip was over so we needed to move on. But then, the rest of us agreed to do it at the Auckland Harbour Bridge. One of my friends didn’t have the money back then so we waited a couple of weeks for her. When the time was right, the four of us made the call and booked the bungy for the next day. It wasn’t so exciting at that moment since I wasn’t really thinking about it, afraid that I’ll not do it.

Embassy Auckland

So when we got there, the guy told us we couldn’t choose the order, so I would jump last. I saw all my friends’ nerves: before, during and after the jump, which made me even more nervous and excited. They were so speechless and emotional. What happens is, the guy ties your feet together and explains all the instructions to you for your jump. He says he’s going to count down from 5 to 1 and that when he says 1 you must jump ’cause it’s the moment they know that there’s no boat coming along in the ocean below.

So you hop out of the chair where he tied you up, and walk along the board. You don’t have anywhere to hold, so you start to freak out. The guy asks if you are ready and even though you say you’re not, he starts counting down. And in the exact moment he says one, you are jumping, and in that moment you just stop being afraid of anything. You just feel the air through your body and the feeling that you’re falling. And suddenly you feel your hands wet and the fact that now you’re going up again.

And then you feel that you are just floating in the like when you throw a ball up to the air and it stays suspended for an instant. You feel that and the next second you are falling again. And you keep falling down and going up again a couple of times until you get stuck to a magnet on the rope and they start pulling you up to the top again.

 Embassy Auckland

Coast to Coast Walkway

by Sue (SooEun) Hur

Are you looking for a unique way to explore Auckland? Then I would strongly recommend you to try the coast to coast walkway. It is 16km trail, taking approximately 5 hours, that starts at the Viaduct Harbour near Customs Street and ends at Onehunga Bay. It is possible to access it from the other way round of course. As it is going through the city, you can join the walk at any place near where you are. It would be good if you had a map with the route but don’t worry if you do not, because the yellow – blue signs on the path (if you are coming from Onehunga side) will get you to the right destination.

Embassy Auckland

While walking, you will go though many villages and parks, climb Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill in Cornwall park, and meet some kind people who are willing to help you when you get lost. They may be on the same day walk as you. It is possible that you may miss the signboard but no worries as you can walk back until you find one. Isn’t it thrilling that you are free to get lost as it is easy to find your way back to the city?

Once you finished walking, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and feel closer to our wonderful city, Auckland!

Embassy Auckland

New Zealand Welcomes You!

by Kelly Kawakami

It has been three days since I arrived in New Zealand. I haven’t had time yet to do a lot of things. I walked around a little bit and went to some stores and outlets to buy clothes and get to know the places better. On day 1 the weather wasn’t that good to do outdoors activities but I got lucky and went to a National Fair where I saw different cultural dances, people and had the choice of what kind of food I wanted to eat! The negative side of having so many options is I didn’t know what to choose but after walking through all the tents I chose to eat a frankfurter, a typical German sausage.

On day 2, after classes I walked to a vineyard, took a few pictures at the harbour, walked across the bridge in Wynyard Quarter, had dinner with my friends there and then went back home.

Embassy Auckland

To learn more about studying English in exciting Auckland, New Zealand, contact us today! 

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