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Embassy English 27 May 2016 - by Minouche Duval, Programme Manager, Embassy English Brisbane

International Day at Embassy Brisbane

One of the things students say they enjoy the most about studying with Embassy English, is meeting friends from different countries. On Friday 13 May students and teachers at Embassy Brisbane celebrated International Day.

Embassy brisbane event 2

International Day is a wonderful opportunity for students to share food, songs and wear traditional clothing from their country.

embassy brisbane event 3

At Embassy Brisbane there are currently students from twenty-six different countries.

These countries include Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Peru, Chile , Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Macau, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Venezuela, Vietnam, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic.

Embassy Brisbane 1

The Embassy English staff includes administration and teachers from Ireland, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden and Australia.

In total thirty-one countries were represented.

embassy brisbane event 5

The fantastic cultural diversity of these countries was celebrated with a delicious degustation of food such as:

Beautiful brigadeiros from Brazil 
Best ever babosa sweets from Saudi Arabia
Cute queso con melao and nourishing natilla from Colombia
Fantastic fairy bread, terrific TimTams, lovely lamingtons and very authentic Vegemite from Australia

embassy brisbane event 1

Gorgeous guacamole and super salsa from Mexico
Irresistible Rashuns from New Zealand
Magnificent Mate tea from Brazil
Organic olives and tasty tortillas from Spain

embassy brisbane event 4

Sensational sushi, magic morcha, miso soup and nikujaga from Japan
Special salmon from Sweden
Spicy som tum, gorgeous grilled chicken noodles from Thailand
Succulent salmon, zesty lemon and baked brown bread from Ireland

brisbane event 3

Some students wore traditional dress and World Cup soccer jerseys and one of the highlights of the day was when the Colombian and Korean students spontaneously started singing their national anthem.

embassy brisbane 2

The International Day was a great success and enabled staff and students to appreciate and share the unique culture of each country.

embassy brisbane event 6

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