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Embassy English 19 May 2016 - by Rintaro Suzuki, Student, Embassy English New York

My Embassy Life: Rintaro from Japan at Embassy New York

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week, Rintaro from Japan tells us more about his experience at Embassy New Yorkas part of our series, My Embassy Life

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Tell us yourself!

Hello. My name is Rintaro. I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I’m studying business in University but I stopped my university program temporarily and came to NY to study English and feel foreign culture. I’ve been NY since November and I will be here until September.

What course are you taking at Embassy New York?

I’m taking General English Intensive 28. In this course, I have core class and elective class.

What was your level of English before you started?

I’ve studied English for 9 years just because of entrance examinations for University. However, that was just paper work about reading, writing and listening. In fact that kind of study is not useful in real life because I don’t have to communicate with someone in English. I’m wondering if Japanese education style works on business or daily conversation in English.

Why did you want to learn English abroad?

My graduation was coming soon and I had to think about job hunting. Recently, many companies think English skills are important and I had doubt that my English can be useful in business. So I decided to learn real English abroad. And also I thought meeting people who has different jobs in different country will be amazing experience for me because I had no idea what I want to do in the future. Of course I want to study English but also I have other purpose to come here. For example, to find my future job, to know other culture, etc.…

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What made you choose Embassy English?

Actually, I was planning to go to university in USA but I chose English school because my purpose to study English is to be able to communicate with many different country’s people, including who are learning English as second language not just native speakers. I think I don’t have to be able to use slang that young people speak or too difficult words. In my opinion, English school is the best way to learn English as a tool of communication because I can study English with friends who study English as second language and have different accent. I can get use to many kinds of English. And the reasons why I chose Embassy English NY from many English schools are I heard Embassy English have education systems with high technology and I would love to go to NYC where is a melting pot of races and the heart of the world business and entertainment.

What’s the best thing about learning English with us?

I’m really happy to communicate with friends all over the world in English. I had hardly talked with people from other country before I came to NY because Japan doesn’t have many immigrants. Also it can be good opportunity to know own country as well because my friends ask me questions which I’ve never thought about.

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How has your English improved?

My problem was speaking and listening but I think it’s becoming better day by day. To be honest, I didn’t like study English but now I’m willing to do that because this school, this city and friends are raising my motivation.

What has helped you to improve your English the most?

My answer is friends. I have no choice but to speak English with them. However it’s definitely not hard for me. I can improve my English skills with a lot of fun and discovery.

What is your favorite memory so far?

I can say my favorite memory in NY is Sleep No More. This is the play of Macbeth by Shakespeare. The stage is the McKittrick Hotel which has 6 floors with many varieties of rooms. You can walk around there at your own pace. Once you go into that hotel, the play would take you to the different era and world. It was totally new experience for me. I strongly recommend it if you have opportunity to come to NY.

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How do you think speaking English will help you in the future?

I was not sure about my future job before I came to NY, but I’m considering to work in a trading company now. I recognize a lot of difference among USA, Japan and the other country. And I knew every country has good aspects and bad aspects. I want to contribute to connecting them and making this world more convenient and equal. And definitely English is necessary to achieve that.

Would you recommend embassy English to other students?

Of course. I can recommend this school to other students certainly. I have a lot of merit to study here as I said above.

What do you plan to do after your English course?

First, I have to graduate Waseda University. And then, I have to get a job. I hope that job will be involved in the world trading. In the future, I’d like to have own project to connect the world to make it more convenient and equal.

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Who would you most like to say thank you to and why?

I would like to say thank you to my parents. I’m just a university student, so I’m totally relying on them. Honestly, I cannot say living and studying in NY is economical. But they said “you should be willing to go through struggles when you are young” and didn’t hesitate to help me to study abroad. I really appreciate their support.

What’s your favorite phrase in English?

“Would you mind if I~?”

In Japanese, I change my words depends on the listener. If I talk with older people or my boss, I have to use the different kind of Japanese. This kind of Japanese is called “Keigo”. I didn’t know English have phrases which is similar as “Keigo”. I’m impressed about these respectful phrases.

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