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Embassy English 24 June 2016 - by Jillian Kohler, Academic Manager, Embassy English Gold Coast

Bringing English to Life: Exploring Gold Coast

Bringing English to Life is our philosophy at Embassy English. It is more than unique activities and programmes; it is embedded in everything we do. By Bringing English To Life for our students, we enable them to experience the language in a way that surpasses simple classroom instruction. Our study centres provide multiple opportunities for students to challenge their English speaking skills through these BETL activities in the classroom, in the community,  and online. At Embassy Gold Coast, students recently ventured out into the city to practise using superlatives. Embassy Surfers Paradise 5

Did you know that at Embassy, we often take you OUTSIDE into the REAL WORLD to learn English?

Recently, our elementary English students took their English to the streets of Surfers Paradise to practice superlatives.  In case you’re not sure what they are, they are the words we use to describe an extreme adjective, for example, the biggest, the tallest, the longest, etc.
Embassy Surfers Paradise 1

The teacher, Betty, decided that learning in the classroom wasn’t enough.  She organised our students into groups (with different nationalities in each group) to compare fast food restaurants in Surfers Paradise and find out:

  1. Which one has the cheapest dessert?
  2. Which one has the cheapest hamburger?
  3. Which one has the most expensive meal deal?
  4. Which one has the healthiest meal?
  5. Which one has the most expensive drinks?
  6. Which one has the friendliest staff?
  7. Which one is the cleanest?

To find out the answers, they had to read menus and talk to staff (and each other).

This is what happened next:

Embassy Surfers Paradise 4

These students are using English for REAL PURPOSES in the REAL WORLD!

Embassy Surfers Paradise 2

One of our students couldn’t resist buying an ice-cream.

Embassy Surfers Paradise 3

After working together to complete the assignment, we had a quick stop beside the beach to enjoy the view before returning to the classroom.

Embassy Surfers Paradise 9

Back in the classroom, we compared our notes and talked together about our answers. Activities like this really help to build confidence!

At Embassy, we Bring English to Life!

To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy Gold Coast in Australia, contact us today!

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2 responses to “Bringing English to Life: Exploring Gold Coast”

  1. Osmin Manuel says:

    which one knows about it ! 🙂

    It is a good motivation to still finding a hand of help where we can continue learning and opening hopes !

    English a good way to defend we our hopes ! Nobody can blind us to still learning

    This is a good way and site where I really learned something to new today !

    • Betty O says:

      Thank you for your comment, Manuel.
      Happy to see that you’ve found the activity useful.
      Embassy English is a great place to learn English.

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