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Embassy English 9 June 2016 - by Ray Butler, Teacher, Embassy English Auckland

Embassy Auckland Talent Show Raises Funds for Ecuadorian Earthquake Victims

Fridays are always special but last Friday was even more so as we performed our Embassy Auckland Talent Show in support of the Ecuadorian Earthquake victims.  We had already raised nearly $300 from our last collection, but we decided that the next move should be one that allowed everyone to show how much they cared, by not just opening their wallets, but opening their hearts.

Embassy Auckland 1

The idea started when one of our teachers, Prini, wondered aloud if a “talent show” might garner some more support, and also raise more much-needed funds. Following this comment, we decided to put together a programme that would show that “Embassy cares.”

As we have a great mix of nationalities here at Embassy Auckland, we were able to get together a wide range of talent and enthusiasm. Embassy Auckland 2

The question “Do you have talent?” is always asked, but when you get a group of lovely friendly Colombians, Brazilians, Koreans, Japanese, French and Thais together the answer is a big “YES!”. Our programme included song, dance, performance, a street clown routine and even a bit of comedy and a couple of pieces of opera.

Embassy Auckland 3

Orlando from Colombia played a borrowed guitar, three Thais performed a beautiful dance, dressed in their national costume and the fun didn’t stop there. In addition we saw a truly sizzling salsa from Fabio and Susannah, Colombia, and possibly our only ever street clown to study here, Taina from Brazil, showed us the style that must make her a very popular street performer.

Embassy Auckland 3

Our opera singer teacher, Tim, sang in Italian and German in a powerful and uplifting manner.  Prini and Tamara’s class put on a Macarena and a tribute to Gangnam style respectively.

Embassy Auckland

Teacher Ray was the MC for the show and did his best to cope with the “moveable feast” that was our programme.  His grandfather even turned up unexpectedly too and gave a brief talk on “Learning a Language.”Embassy Auckland 4

A strange fact is that New Zealand has only about 30 Ecuadorians in residence, and Embassy Auckland is currently hosting THREE of them! This means that we have 10% of the NZ Ecuadorean population here.

Embassy Auckland

Our efforts raised over $600 in total but more than the wonderful effort achieved by everyone, it was the great sense of fun and dedication shown by one and all.

With so much sadness in today’s world (not forgetting the very real suffering of Ecuador) it does one good to see this type of co-operation in action.

Embassy Auckland 5

Although this is not an official part of our “Building Futures” programme, and has been purely a local initiative, the effect that this event has had on our students has been wonderful to see.

If there a lesson to be learned here, and we believe that there is, it is that people may speak a different language, may come from a different country with a different culture but when it comes to helping others we are more than happy to work in a common cause.

Embassy Auckland

The goodwill that this has generated will last even longer than the metal glitter confetti that got spread around at the end of the show!


Well done Embassy Auckland!

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