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Embassy English 23 June 2016 - by Alex Martinez, Student Services Assistant, Embassy English Brighton

Embassy Brighton Visits Seven Sisters National Park

At Embassy Brighton, we plan weekly social activities for our students so that they can practise their English with new friends and explore all of the exciting sites in the United Kingdom. Recently we took a group of students to a beautiful and amazing place, Seven Sisters National Park.

Embassy Brighton

We all met outside school and we set off from there at 2:20 pm to get the bus. The journey took about an hour but was fun because some students sang and played games. We finally arrived at Seven Sisters at 4:00 pm and walked along the famous Seven Sisters Trail, starting in Cuckmere, for thirty minutes.

Embassy Brighton 1

The visit was almost cancelled because, the previous day, a part of one of the cliffs had fallen away and tourists were afraid of visiting the area. However, this was no cause for concern as the students had been advised to stay away from the edge of the cliffs. As well as this, we took extra precautions by following a route which avoided any dangerous areas.

Embassy Brighton 3

We saw horses, geese, rabbits, ravens, crows, cows and many ships. It was a beautiful view. On top of that, the weather was amazing so the students took hundreds of photographs.

The best part was possibly the last bit, when we arrived at the beach. I had chosen to go to that part of the beach because the views are the best from there. In fact, we stopped for a while in the same spot where the film Mr. Holmes was filmed and we stayed there for a while enjoying the view.

Embassy Brighton 2

Then it was time to come back to Embassy Brighton. To do so, we chose a different route taking us along the river bank. It took a bit longer than the original one but it was worth it. Finally, we got back to Brighton at 7.00 pm, tired but happy to have been on such a good excursion and had so much fun.

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