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Embassy Alumni 17 June 2016 - by Alice Tigwell, Student Services Social Organiser, Embassy English Cambridge

#EmbassyGoals: Graduation Embassy Cambridge

At Embassy Cambridge we have been hosting graduation ceremonies every week since October 2015. Initially it took a while for all of the students to get involved, and just those who were graduating would attend with a couple of their friends. But the graduations have now become an important part of our Embassy Life, thanks to an amazing group of girls who support their peers every week.Embassy Cambridge Graduation (And are always holding a random object in the photographs….We all look forward to seeing what they will find next!)

This same group are also very active on our Social Programme, where students are regularly given the opportunity to win one of the ‘My English is Better than Your English’ t-shirts. They have been won for winning races, cooking for everyone, quiz team winners and for being the last man standing in our boiled egg roulette.

Embassy Cambridge graduation

Some of the student have now become competitive and asking what they can do to win a t-shirt. This is where the idea for the graduation song came from.

Patricia from Brazil and Lea from Switzerland got together and wrote the song and recruited a team of their friends to join them singing the song at our Graduation Ceremony. They have also performed for graduations for our groups and now have their video of images from different graduations (see if you can spot the random objects.)

Embassy Cambridge

We are hoping that the girls will pass the baton on when they leave to encourage students to support the graduation ceremony and the activity programme in the same way that they have.

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