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Embassy Alumni 5 July 2016 - by Kanako Hanayama, Student, Embassy English London

Embassy Alumni: Kanako from Japan Remembers Embassy London

Hello guys! My name’s Kanako and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I studied in Embassy London for about 4 months. I’ve never written a blog – not even in Japanese! – but in my experience it helps you, and if it helps the students who are reading my article decide to come to our school, then I’m really happy.

Embassy Central London 1

A Japanese agency introduced Embassy English to me, and I met Kenji who is a Japanese marketing agent. His talking was interesting to me, for example, how to pronounce ‘do you?’ Japanese people learned how to pronounce this but it’s not correct, native speakers say like ‘ju’. I felt I needed to come to the school and that I could learn real English.

When I came to England it was October and the sun already went down at about 4pm. I took afternoon classes so after school it was almost dark. I thought it’s normal time as sunset time but now the sun goes down about half past nine! In Japan, Sunset time is about 6pm even in summer. I’m surprised at this gap and also confused about time because it’s still bright at 9pm. Therefore I understand why British people are keen on going to a park, sunny days are just a few of them!

Embassy Central London 2

In addition, British people like going to a pub and socialise over a “pint”. In my case, I thought pubs are only a place where to have a drink or dance, but they enjoy having conversations and meeting up with friends. Besides, London’s weather is changeable so it’s a good place to take shelter from the rain.

Before I came to London, I lived in Oxford for 3 months and studied at Embassy Oxford too. I thought there wouldn’t be many differences between London and Oxford because they are in the same country. In my opinion, London is similar to Tokyo sometimes. Like the British saying ‘It’s not my cup of tea’, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like London (I love it!) however some students may find surprising how busy the London Underground gets during rush hour. At first, I missed Embassy Oxford because I made a lot of friends there, so I still love Oxford but also love Embassy London now!

Embassy Oxford 1

It’s difficult to decide only one favourite place but I should say it’s Regents Park because we have plenty of activities which Embassy organises there like picnic, sports, walking tours, etc. We had a match of Frisbee against another school! It’s a great idea to practise my English, meet with my friends and have fun.

I’m more confident about my English actually. I’m still worried about it sometimes, but I think I have two reasons which I feel my English has improved at Embassy Central London. One is because our school chose me as a Student Ambassador. It gave me a good opportunity to overcome my shyness and also it’s useful to look for a job. I’m going to work at Embassy Central London during summer vacation! Another is I’ve got many friends here and they’re gentle, thoughtful and friendly. They’re my treasure and I’ll never forget them!

Embassy Central London 3

Finally, I’d like to encourage you to come and study at Embassy and improve your English with us.

Remember that ”Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”(by Benjamin Disraeli) 

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