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Embassy English 20 July 2016 - by Luke Ingram, Student Services and Activities Officer, Embassy English London

Embassy Play: A Super Social on the River Thames

All of our Embassy English study centres plan a variety of “Embassy Play” social activities where students can both explore their new host cities and have creative ways to bring their English language skills to life with new friends. This month students from Embassy London, and Bellerbys College met up for an evening boat party down the River Thames in London. 

Embassy Play 3

On a clear and sunny evening, students start gathering near The Tower of London in their best dresses, shirts and shoes. They are waiting for the party of the summer – The Boat Party. This year the boat party is extra special as it has not only students from Embassy Central London, but also from Embassy London and Bellerbys College.

Embassy Play by Ann ChenPhoto by Ann Chen, Embassy London

As the students get onto the boat, the upper deck is full of excitement, laughter and, of course, people taking selfies! The Tower of London and Tower Bridge are in full view. The music is blasting and the weather is great.

Embassy Play 5

The boat sails down the River Thames passing all the famous landmarks; Shakespeare’s Globe, St Pauls Cathedral, Somerset House and many more. Students rush out on to the deck when we go past the iconic Big Ben and The London Eye and sure enough — more selfies.

Embassy Play by Ann Chen 1Photo by Ann Chen, Embassy London

The music casts its spell and people start to fill the dance floor. Students get to know each other, and then start dancing with each other. It’s often the quieter students who are the first to get up and dance, leading the way for the party to start.

Embassy Play

The boat stays steady as the sun starts going down. Many students are inside dancing to The Macarena (something that I was unfortunate enough to be doing while a colleague was recording me!) and many students are still taking photos of the river and beautiful buildings on the bank.

Eventually more and more people start dancing – even the ones who originally said that they “don’t dance”! The excitement on the faces of students incites others to get up and move their feet too.

All too quickly, the party is over and many of the Central London students (who get off one stop sooner than the London students) say good bye to their new friends as the boat then continues all the way to Greenwich.SnipImage

The Embassy schools in London try to do joint activities often because it’s a great opportunity for students to confidently use their English with students who are not members of their class. It’s always great to see the students chatting and mingling together and making new friends.

Embassy Play by Ann Chen 3Photo by Ann Chen, Embassy London

The boat party on Wednesday 13th July was jointly organised by the social programme staff at both centres and our Multi-Centre Director Dan. We spent many hours finding the right booking, advertising, and going over risk assessments and we were pleased that it all went really well and that our students had a great time.

At Embassy London, we take advantage of our great location by regularly doing events that get the students to see as much of this city as possible. And now that the summer is here, London has never looked better!

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