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Embassy English 7 July 2016 - by Celine Angbeletchy, Teacher, Embassy English London

Embassy Teachers: Meet Celine Angbeletchy from Embassy London

Students choose to study at Embassy English because they want to improve their English language skills with the most qualified teachers. Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals with fun and engaging interactive classes that help students learn English quickly and easily. We promise to give our students guaranteed outcomes, invaluable skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Recently we caught up with Celine Angbeletchy, one of our English teachers at Embassy London, to learn more about her passion for teaching and why England is great for international students. 

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Hi, my name is Celine and this week I will be starting my second year of teaching at Embassy London!

What a fantastic year it has been! Easy-going students from many different countries, great colleagues, a friendly learning environment in one of London’s most iconic locations … I couldn’t have asked for more!

My professional development began when I was just 15, working as a dance instructor for kids of all ages. Even though I graduated in sociology, my love for the English language and my natural disposition for teaching changed my career-path.

embassy greenwich

I’ve been an EFL teacher for about four years now, and working at Embassy English has definitely been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of all.

The best part of my job at Embassy is interacting with students. As a teacher, there are so many things you can learn when spending so much time with people with different cultures and customs.

For example, elective classes can be a real source of knowledge! Ranging a wide number of topics, these classes are perfect to develop students’ communicative skills. In addition, outdoor trips, social events and other activities such as the Conversation Club, make the experience at Embassy very enjoyable, not only for students but for teachers too!

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Another amazing advantage of working at Embassy English is its location, Greenwich. Renowned worldwide for its Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory, this buzzing town situated on the Thames’ riverside in south-east London brings together modernity and British heritage, offering tourists the ideal getaway just a few minutes away from the City.

Greenwich’s lively universities and schools make it the perfect location for academic life and enables students to gain an insight into the real lifestyle of Londoners who live and work outside of central London.

Greenwich is very well linked, so it is quick and easy to reach any other part of the city via bus, train or tube. Whether you choose the school residence for an active social life or home-stay for a more familiar atmosphere, this fantastic location makes the experience at Embassy English even more unique.

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London is a cosmopolitan lively city with hundreds of spectacular sites, but many of my favourite places are actually in the Greenwich area! First of all, the riverside is home to the marvelous Cutty Sark, which was built in 1869 and was one of the last tea clippers to sail. On a sunny day this promenade is ideal for long relaxing strolls along the Thames.

Secondly, Greenwich Park is perfect for picnics and outdoor activities. I love going up the Observatory Hill and climbing the tall aged oaks to get an even more stunning view of London.

Last but not least, the local market, which also contributes to making Greenwich possibly the most enticing attraction in the south east. Antiques, vintage clothing, craft products, knick-knacks, street food and afternoon tea will be at your fingertips!

Embassy Greenwich 2

So, if this is your first day in London, my best advice is: don’t panic and grab a tube map!

Exploring and moving around the city can be a real struggle if you’re not familiar with public transport, but you can find easy-to-understand tube maps at any station. Alternatively, you could download apps such as Citymapper, which quickly shows you how to reach your destination with any available option, from the tube to cycling.

With regard to your learning objectives, my best tip for success is: use the world around you to learn English; the reality that surrounds you is the best source of knowledge. Road signs, ads, notices, menus in restaurants, movies, songs …

English is all around you, take every opportunity to learn new vocabulary and remember: you don’t need to translate every word! Guessing meaning from context is an important skill that you need to develop if you want to become fluent.

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What’s more, the new portal My Embassy English, allows students to keep track of their progress and also gives them access to plenty of extra learning resources. Our teachers are highly qualified, inspirational and supportive, they keep motivation high, advise and guide students during their learning path. The school facilities are modern, spacious and also include a well-equipped library and a bright cafeteria where delicious meals are served every day by friendly staff members.

Ultimately our Embassy Centre in Greenwich offers everything you need to have a fantastic learning and working experience in London. So … I’m ready for another exciting summer at Embassy Greenwich! What about you?

To learn more about studying English at exciting Embassy London , contact us today! 


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