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Embassy English 26 July 2016 - by Andy Robinson, Centre Administrator, Embassy English Brighton

#EmbassyPlay: Dodgeball at Embassy Brighton

Embassy Brighton offers activities that help students to do things they would never have considered before, and also gives them the opportunity to have a fantastic time and meet other students. Many of our Embassy Brighton students are sports fans, so we plan fun athletic events to help students practise their English language skills with new friends and teammates. 

Embassy Brighton 1

Activities at Embassy Brighton are organised so that the students can learn about our local culture and participate in a variety of sports which may be new to them. In June we arranged for our students to play dodgeball. We chose dodgeball as it is a relaxing way for students to make new friends, have fun and show their competitive edge without taking the game too seriously.

Embassy Brighton 2

The dodgeball session took place in our exam hall at 2:30pm after the students had finished their morning lessons and had an opportunity to have their lunch. There was a good turnout for the match with students of all different nationalities coming to play.

We had a designated referee for the occasion and he explained all the rules of the game to the students. We were using soft balls to prevent any injuries to the players.

Embassy Brighton 3

The first round of games started shortly after 2:30pm and was played in good humour. The students were having a great time. We arranged for some background music to be played and this added to the party atmosphere. The final game was played just before 4pm. For this game we split the students into two big teams and so that every student in the hall was involved in the final game.

This event was really good fun for both students and staff alike. We will be looking to stage more games like this in the future as the feedback from the students was really positive.

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