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Embassy Alumni 24 August 2016 - by Natthaphon Wongubon, Student, Embassy English Oxford

Embassy Alumni: Thai Royal Scholarship Winner Natthaphon Wongubon

In January, Embassy English was invited to The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand to present three scholarships to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for exceptional Thai students to to participate in her Thai Royal Scholarship Program for English language studies. Natthaphon Wongubon from Nakhon Pathom Province was awarded one of the scholarships to study at Embassy Brisbane. This week, Natthaphon shares the story of his experience studying English in Australia as part of our Embassy Alumni series. 


I received a scholarship from Thailand to study at Embassy Brisbane for 8 weeks.  I am a teacher at Chitralada School (Vocational Programme), and teach mechanics to vocational students.  I have been abroad before for school work but never to study a language.  When I started studying at Embassy English I was at level 4.

I was sent to study at Brisbane, which I enjoyed very much.  Brisbane’s weather is quite similar to Thailand, so it felt nice to not have to wear a coat all the time.

Natthaphon_3 Embassy Alumni

There are several things that I like about Embassy English, such as the variety of activities, modern classrooms, a lunch room for students, and being able to review lessons through the school’s website.  I also appreciated how the teachers are always able to answer my questions in a clear and simple way, so that I understood the answer completely.

Since studying at Embassy English I felt that I have a larger knowledge of vocabulary.  I learned so many new words in class, which then makes me more confident when speaking with others.

I used to walk away when foreigners came to ask me questions, now I feel ready to talk to them.  As for my listening skills, I know that I have also improved in this area, because of the different nationalities of students.  This has exposed me to more accents and making me more used to hearing different accents.

Natthaphon_2 Embassy Alumni

My favourite memory at Embassy English is the use of yellow cards that are given to students when they do not speak English on the designated floor.  If you are given one, you are sent to study at a lower level for one day, but if you get more than one yellow card with in the same week you will have to study a lower level for one whole week.  This makes you want to use English all the time, I don’t want to study at a lower level!

Embassy Alumni

My future plans at the moment is to finish my masters degree, to finish it I will also need to complete two courses of English.  I believe that my time spent studying at Embassy English will definitely help me accomplish this task.

I would definitely recommend other people to study here because the teachers are very good at explaining things and there is a variety of students of different nationalities. 

The activities offered by the school are also very interesting and fun.  Some of the activities are playing football at the Botanical Gardens, free pizza day, and national day (where students are asked to wear their national dress or bring a national dish).There are many activities to choose from some free and some at a reasonable price.

Thai-PrincessEmbassy English presents Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn with English scholarships. 

What surprised me the most when I studied English was the different accents, I found it entertaining that I could not understand my fellow classmate and he could not understand me either even though we were trying to say the same word “bird”.  I think this is good because it shows that we need to learn different accents too.

My favourite word in English is “situation”. It’s my favourite word because the first day i attended class I was afraid to open the dictionary in my phone, because I was not sure if we could use it or not.  So I asked my teacher, and she spent 15 minutes explaining the word to me.

This made me feel very comfortable to have such a patient teacher.

Embassy Alumni (3)

My three favourite places in Brisbane are: the Brisbane Eye, the Botanical Gardens, and Bunnings Warehouse.

enjoyed the city views from the Brisbane Eye, it was very beautiful.  Every Friday I would take a walk through the Botanical Gardens, my favourite part of the gardens was the river boardwalk.  There’s so many plants and the walk is very refreshing   Although Bunnings Warehouse is not a tourist attraction I enjoy going there with my host family since I teach mechanics I found the store to be enjoyable.  I was very amazed with all the things they sell.

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