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Embassy English 9 August 2016 - by Luana Santos, Student, Embassy English New York

Embassy New York Students Experience “Sleep No More”

All of our Embassy English study centres plan a variety of “Embassy Play” social activities where students can both explore their new host cities and have creative ways to bring their English language skills to life with new friends. This month, students from Embassy New York experienced the magic and mystery of Sleep No More, an interactive theatre performance. Our Student Ambassador Luana Santos from Brazil describes their visit. 

Embassy New York 2

Sleep No More is a dynamic and immersive show where you are a part of the theater experience, Literally. You are kinda of like a ghost, wearing a mask and looking closely at every scene that you choose or that you´re led into.

The story is an adaptation of Shakespeare´s MacBeth where the actors wear no masks and silently perform on the five floors of the McKittrick Hotel.

We choose Sleep No More as an Embassy activity for many reasons, and all of them can be linked as a innovative way to practice your English skills. The first question of course, is how exactly is talking involved since it is a silent performance.

First of all, we are talking about Shakespeare. Lets face it, that could be hard to understand sometimes. That´s why we suggest that everyone should try to research MacBeth to understand the story before you arrive at the McKittrick Hotel.


This is a great way to read about something new in English. Besides that, when people start to register for the show they begin to chat and become more curious about the play and start their own research.

For this activity we had almost 20 people in our group. After meeting at Embassy we walked to the venue, which is a 15 minutes walk. During this time we had the opportunity to chat about what everyone was expecting, what they knew about the play, and everything related to our next experience. This is a great way to meet new people and to improve your English conversation.

Without spoilers I can say that the experience is unique, and it will be completely different that you expect. Wearing a mask, following the actors, trying to put the pieces together while you become a part of the creepy scenery is an amazing experience.

Embassy New York 3

Hands up to all the actors, since they don’t speak they have to transmit all the emotions of the scene through their body and eyes. It is incredible!

No matter what you read about or how much you know about MacBeth, you will still finish the day trying to understand everything, and after reading more about it, you will probably think about going back to finish the puzzle.

It is a highly recommended experience. I´m already planning my next visit to McKittrick Hotel.

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