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Embassy English 9 September 2016 - by Charlotte Pierret, Student, Embassy English London

My Embassy Life: Charlotte from Belgium at Embassy London

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week Belgian student Charlotte Pierret tells us more about his experience at Embassy London as part of our series, My Embassy Life.

Embassy Greenwich

My name is Charlotte, I am 19 and from Belgium. Last year, I finished High School and I decided to take a gap year to learn German and English as I want to be a translator/interpreter.

When I first came to Embassy London, my level of English was not that bad but not that good: I got 9/60 in my first test. As time went by, I improved faster than expected: in my 15th week in the school, I went above target. I was supposed to get level 11, but I got level 12. Since then, my English has never stopped improving and I feel very proud.

I wanted to study abroad because you are in complete immersion – this is the only solution if you want to improve your English. For better results, I tried to avoid all French speakers, so I didn’t have to speak a word in my own language.

Instead I made friends from all around the world: Korea, Brazil, China… Having all these different cultures and languages around me helped me to be as open minded as possible and to understand more about the world I am living in.

Embassy Greenwich 1The 3 Brazilians and the Belgian, Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

I chose London because I thought that it would be an amazing adventure to live in this amazing and cosmopolitan city. There are so many places to go, museums to visit and events to take part in, that it is impossible to stay at home for a weekend.

All these events will certainly make you meet British people, so speak with them and make friends, and your level of English will rocket.

My 3 favourite places in London are:

1) Camden Town, the punk area, because it is so different from the whole town

2) Covent Garden, because it is really beautiful and it is near Piccadilly Circus

3) The shopping streets around Shoreditch, because it is a trendy and a street art area.

Embassy Greenwich 2


I started in Upper-Intermediate and then moved into the Advanced class. I moved once again and went to the IELTS class. At the beginning I wasn’t sure about this course but now, I realise how it was useful to write correctly and to develop my arguments.

My favourite English word is “lovely” and favourite phrase is “drop the kids off.” My classmates and I (and our teacher) were always asking “Is he dropping the kids off?” when something was disgusting or when someone went to the toilet. The whole term we kept repeating it and were laughing so hard. This is one of the things I will never forget.

Another thing I love about Embassy is all the concerts and Pub Tour evenings organised by the Social Programme Team. I highly recommend participating in the activities, because you will discover places that you would never have seen if you had walked by yourself.

Moreover, you will have opportunities to go to see amazing musicals, such as “Les Miserables” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, for half price tickets. And of course you will make friends with other students outside your class and the Activity Leader is very friendly and funny as well, so a good time is guaranteed!

Embassy Greenwich 3Katja, the Activity Leader and I at Wimbledon

The best thing about learning English at Embassy is that you are never alone in your study. If you need help, your teachers and classmates are there for you.

All the teachers are excellent and care about you: if you do not understand or have difficulty with something, they will help you and try to resolve the problem by giving you extra work or by repeating something as many times as you need. Thus, the staff are always happy to answer your questions or to guide you if you want to go to University in the UK.

Those are the reasons I would DEFINETLY recommend Embassy English to other students!

Embassy Greenwich 4

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