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Embassy English 1 September 2016 - by Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

My Embassy Life: Planning a Memorable Trip Along Australia

Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, our newest My Embassy Life student blogger, has been working as a journalist in her home country of Colombia, she knew that in order to achieve her goals of taking her career to the next level, she needed to improve her English language skills. Because Angela’s dreams also included international travel, particularly to Australia, when she discovered  Embassy Melbourne, she knew had found the perfect programme. As part of her intensive English language immersion, Angela will be writing weekly articles for Study Group’s Brightly Blog, as well as acting as a guest contributor to the Embassy English Blog. Stay tuned to follow Angela’s Embassy Life in fascinating Melbourne, Australia!

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When you are studying overseas, one of the things you are thinking about is discovering remote places, enjoying yourself in the middle of nature, and meeting new people. However, how can you afford a two-week or longer journey to the Land Down Under?

After I enjoyed holidays with my sister Alejandra, who is an expert planning cheap trips, I decided to write this and show you the way to discover beaches, nature, parks, people and live unforgettable moments saving money.

Where to go?

My sister Monica printed a map of Australia and together we marked the places that we wanted to go.  Then we decided this route: Melbourne, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa, Harvey Bay, Airlie Beach and Cairns.

In conclusion, our adventure got going in the south and finished in the north, exactly in the gateway of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is a dream spot to visit!


What about the transport?

We decided to buy flights from Melbourne to Ballina (NSW) and Cairns (Queensland) to Melbourne. Of course, our seeking was using websites like Web Jet and Skyscanner, which always have good deals. In the end, we paid 190 dollars each in total.

Once we were in Ballina we took a bus, which cost 10 dollars, and we got in Byron Bay. It is a town with crystal- clear waters, perfect for surfers and lush green hinterland. After two days, we moved to the Gold Coast. We paid 40 dollars for bus and it was 48 minutes to arrive there.  Continuing with our travel between laughs, good memories and of course a light backpack, we went to Brisbane, Noosa and so on.

As you realised above, in each route you have to aware that would cost an average of 40 dollars. It means that would be 160 dollars more just for transport. The good news is you are discovering more than three fabulous places along of Australia’s coasts.


Our idea was to gather people from different countries and learn about Australia. Thinking of this, we opted for a stay in hostels. If you like luxury places of being treated as if you were a king, this kind of spot might not suit you. Yet if you only want to have fun, in the hostels you just have to pay between 20 and 30 dollars night.

In addition, it is very funny to go to the hostel’s parties!

Are you starving?

Of course, I have not forgotten one of the most important details, the food. The best formula in these journeys is going to the supermarket and buying fruit, vegetables, rice, water, meat, cereal and some milk. To my sister and me, it was the perfect stuff for each week and we spent 20 dollars. Not too bad! Moreover, we cooked Colombian food for others.

Finally, in Cairns I knew what the fear means is!  After my sister insisted, we did parasailing. Imagine 50 meters above sea level, I was dying in that moment but it was the best things I have ever done.
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To learn more about studying English in exciting Embassy Melbourne in Australia, contact us today! 

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