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Embassy English 8 September 2016 - by Millan Diaz-Foncea and Maria Jose Pinilla Lopez, Students, Embassy English Sydney

Our Embassy Life: Honeymooning at Embassy Sydney

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. As part of our My Embassy Life series, we caught up with Millan Diaz-Foncea and Maria Jose Pinilla Lopez from Spain who traveled to Australia on their honeymoon. They decided to include two weeks at Embassy Sydney as part of the unforgettable experience. We celebrated this by making them the first to inaugurate the new Embassy Signature Wall.

Honeymoon couple Embassy Sydney

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Maria: I am a high school history and geography teacher from Spain. I was born in the historical city of Toledo, south of Madrid. I moved to Zaragoza ten years ago and met Millan there three years ago.

Millan: I am from the famous wine region of Rioja in Spain and moved to Zaragoza eight years ago. I am a lecturer of business administration at the university. We have good jobs as we have two months of holidays and so we can come here for travelling. We got married two months ago.

Maria: I need English for my job as I work in a bilingual school and so teach geography and history in English. We decided to come to Australia as we have traveled in Europe and to the USA so we wanted to experience Australia and learn English.

Millan: We were in the UK last year and studying and we thought that we could combine travel and English lessons for our honey moon.  We know it’s a bit different, but it’s been a really good choice.

Embassy Sydney2

Why did you decide to study English at Embassy on your honeymoon?

Both: We wanted to know a new continent.

Millan: It’s a long trip, so we decided to travel to Australia for a month and a half.

Maria: We will spend 2 weeks studying English, then Woofing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) for 2 weeks, then we travel around Australia.

Has it been a good choice?

Maria: Yes, I like it. We have met lots of different people. I have met and made friends with many students from all around the world. In Spain, there are many people from Asia. Here, we have met and made friends with people from countries we have never met people from before.

It’s a very nice school. We can choose different electives. I am studying Cambridge FCE because I have to sit this test soon. Millan is studying in the upper-intermediate class. We are practising what we already knew, are introduced to new things and it’s all very fun with games, videos, activities, excursions…

Embassy Sydney 1

What do you find most interesting about studying English?

Maria: I have to sit the FCE exam and so I find everything difficult. I make mistakes but I don’t care. I need to make mistakes to learn. I know I make mistakes, but when I go to restaurants and around town, I need to communicate. I just try. People understand.

Millan: Back in Spain, we learn bilingually. We translate everything. Here, we have an English only policy and so we need to learn and practise. The teacher explains the definition of new words not a translation. It’s really good. We then associate new English words with other English words, so we start to think in English.

What is your favourite word in English?

Both: love, hahahahaha!

Embassy Sydney 3

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Embassy?

Millan: The environment is very good. There are three schools on the one campus. There is Charles Sturt University, Martin College and Embassy all together. We can meet lots of different people. The school is really conveniently located. We can walk to all the central tourist sites, catch a bus or ferry to all of the beautiful beaches. We take a day pack and camera with us to classes and then go sightseeing in the afternoon.

What are you plans for the future?

Maria: We are going Woofing in Albury for two weeks, then Melbourne, Uluru, Darwin, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. That’s the real honeymoon part of the trip. Then we go back to Spain, have one more week off and then back to work.

Millan: We hope to start a family next year. Who knows, maybe we will come back to Australia with them one day.


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