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Embassy English 13 October 2016 - by John Lograsso, Centre Director, Embassy San Francisco

Embassy Insider: Cal Poly and Embassy English Together

We are excited to announce the partnership of Embassy English with Cal Poly. Located in San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaCal Poly has an outside-the-classroom learning approach where theoretical knowledge comes together with practical knowledge and creates a ‘Learn by Doing’ environment. This perfectly matches Embassy English’s ‘Bringing English to Life’ philosophy where interactive activities and lessons outside of the traditional classroom setting inspire memorable student achievements.

Cal Poly 7

A Shared Mission

The launch date for the new partnership between Cal Poly and Embassy English is Monday 23 January 2017. Two prestigious educational organizations will come together in one location to offer students a chance to join in a shared mission and begin on an exciting journey to academic success.

Cal Poly was founded in 1901, and currently offers 64 bachelor’s degrees and 32 master’s degrees. Cal Poly is a member of the California State University System, and has continued to garner high academic rankings year after year.

Embassy English, a recognized leader in international education, has more than 40 years of experience Bringing English To Life through creative teaching techniques that prepare students for English language in the real world.

Cal Poly 1

The Embassy English study centre is located in the heart of Cal Poly’s campus. It is an intimate setting with a family feel, and also includes interactive white boards in every classroom, maintaining the high-tech standard that Embassy is known for.

The centre is less than a five-minute walk to the campus food court, bookstore and student centre – the main hub of student life. Embassy Cal Poly is also in close proximity to the beautiful recreation centre: a 21,000 square foot cardio and weight space, with fitness studios, an indoor track, outdoor volleyball courts, indoor racquetball courts, and a lap and leisure pool.

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Cal Poly is located in the city of San Luis Obispo which is halfway between California’s two greatest cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Luis Obispo offers a peaceful, safe and welcoming community where students can focus on their studies and feel at home. But please don’t refer to it by its full name; its local nickname is SLO, as in “easy-going” and “relaxed.”

SLO is known as the “happiest place in America” and boasts 315 days of sunshine a year. The area offers beaches, sunning and surfing, wineries, bike trails and mountain hikes.



SanluisobispoSan Luis Obispo via Wikipedia

Embassy Cal Poly is within access to Morro Bay and its population of Elephant Seals on the coast, the historical landmark Hearst Castle built by one of America’s wealthiest and most influential families to the east, and farther north is Silicon Valley, the heart of global technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The city itself has great cafes, bars, restaurants, and a lively farmer’s market where the whole town comes out every week for an evening stroll, to shop for arts and crafts, and to rekindle friendships.

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Why is Embassy English at Cal Poly a Great Destination for International Students?

The Embassy English centre at Cal Poly offers a wide range of programs from General English to TOEFL examination, but what makes this centre so unique is that it also offers access to campus amenities, and, most importantly, the ability to meet native University-level English speakers.

Studying English in the centre of an American campus, populated by over 20,000 young and vibrant students that share a passion for learning and global relations, is a welcoming environment that will foster growth and accelerated language learning for any international student.

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Join in the shared mission of Cal Poly and Embassy English and begin your academic journey to success!


Contact us to learn more about Embassy Cal Poly today!









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