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Embassy Alumni 14 October 2016 - by Kang Yi Hao, Student, Embassy English

Embassy Pathways: Kang Yi Hao from China

Students choose to study at Embassy not only to learn English in the classroom, but also to gain invaluable language skills that can be applied to their university goals. Embassy Pathways is a seamless pathway program offering intensive English studies with conditional acceptance to one of our many university partners in North America. This week, we caught up with Embassy Pathways student  Kang Yi Hao from China to learn more about his academic journey from Embassy Boston to the University of Vermont.

Embassy Pathways

My name is KangYiHao, and my English name is Shulk. I’m 19 years old. I’m from China. I graduated from Qfanjiang High School in HuBei province. I choose science pathway in high school. My hometown is in the southern part of China, nearby WuHan city. My hometown is a small city. My hometown has a very famous dish, which is braised prawns.

I have a conditional acceptance at University of Vermont; I am planning to study in the Global Gateway Program.  Before starting at the University of Vermont I decided to come to Embassy English to improve my English level.

I studied at Embassy Boston for a month, and during this period I made many foreign friends, from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and so on. Every day I communicate with them, I think my speaking and listening has made great progress. And I now understand the culture of different countries and experienced delicious food from these countries.

I feel my vision is much wider than before.

English in Action 3

The teachers at Embassy Boston are very nice and friendly, if you have any problems, they will be very enthusiastic to help you solve the problem. They love their work; each class is full of passion.

I feel progress every day. The school often organizes some collective activities, I really like to participate. This week we had an excursion to Harvard University.  I felt the charm of the world’s academic elite. And last week I spent my nineteenth birthday, the school also organized the September birthday party, and I was lucky to join them because my birthday is in September.

When I complete my course at Embassy Boston to and return to the University of Vermont, I want to choose Engineering Management as my major, because many members choose this major, and sometimes they discuss some of these topics. I have listened to this subject a long time, then I began to have interest in this major.

More than that, since my high school period focuses on science pathway, I have a built certain foundation in mathematics, physics as well as computer skills, I think that I have made preparations to this major.

English in Action 1

When it comes to why I chose the University of Vermont, I think Vermont’s Global Gateway Program can help me save a lot of time. I can learn the knowledge of the university while learning the language. And the University of Vermont has a very long history and the course covers almost all academic ranges.

The University of Vermont is located in Burlington, Vermont. This is very comfortable city, and environment is very suitable for my college life. I think this is a great choice.

I think English Embassy Boston is the most important help to me for a transition to university life.

It can be a good link to my current English level, and when I go back to Vermont after my English classes. Every day I have to use English to communicate with others. My English level is very different from the previous month. I have improved very much.

When I started school I was very shy to speak, and now every day I am very confident and I like to communicate with people.

English in Action 4

After graduation, I plan to go back China and seek a job in Chinese Construction Third Engineering Bureau Ltd in Wu Han. It is certain that I will go back to China after graduation. I prefer to study in USA for the advanced education system as well as highly recognized degree certificate that is recognized in China’s market. It is natural that I will go back to China after finishing my study.

And nowadays, the engineering industry is booming in China. There is a huge potential development for me, such kind of engineering management graduate to put my expertise to good use. By the way, my family, relatives and friends are all in the China, I don’t want to be away from them too long time.

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