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Embassy English 5 November 2016 - by Faisal Hakim, Regional Sales Director, Embassy English

Embassy Insider: ICEF Berlin 2016 Recap

Early this week Team Embassy had the chance to represent Embassy English & Study Group at ICEF Berlin, Germany. 

At Embassy, our success as an organization is tied with the success of our partners (agents). I do personally refer to them as Partners more often than agents as they are directly responsible for every 9 out of 10 students we recruit into our study centres. Thus, creating & managing sustainable relationships with them is an imperative task to our success. as a company.

Embassy Insider

There are dozens of agent workshops organised all around the globe each year. I would even go ahead and say that there might be an International education workshop every week somewhere around the globe.

However, ICEF Berlin is the must do event in our Industry, I would even say it is the main workshop of the yea​r. The event is very well organised by a very professional and organised team in the industry, they connect together more than 4,000 professional (agents & providers) aiming to create strategic partnerships and increase international student enrolments.

Attending these workshops allow us to have a much better exposure in the global marketplace of International education and connect with carefully screened agents.

Who was there from the Embassy/Study Group team at ICEF 2016?

We had a very strong presence as Embassy English at ICEF Berlin this year. Including me, we had 10 participants across different regions and roles from the organisation led by our Managing Director, Robert Morgan.

The rest of the team includes:

  • The EMEA Sales Team: Lisa James, Noel Borg, Natalia Nosova, Jamie Gantley, Matthew Goulding and Faisal Hakim
  • Sebastien Martinez, Regional Sales Director for Latin America
  • ​​Josh Rubin, Chief of Staff at Embassy English

Embassy Insider 2

How does the workshop function?

For you who are not within the Sales and Marketing teams, let me give you a quick overview of how we do promote the “Embassy Experience” to agents during this event.

The workshop consists of 2 parts:

1- Seminars and Networking sessions.

2- Agent & Educator meetings.

The agent and educator meeting is the main reason why most of us make the trip. The workshop is setup similar to a speed dating format. Each provider and/or agent request meetings with each other depending on their needs or offerings. Each meeting is 25 minutes long, and one participant can schedule up to 36 meetings over the 2 days’ workshop.

embassy Insider 3

Earlier this week at ICEF, as a team, we’ve met officially (scheduled meetings) with more than 200 agents from EMEA & LATAM region.  ​​

By adding the agents we did interact with also during the Seminars and Networking sessions, the overall number of agents we’ve met would be over 250 agents.

That is quite impressive!

What is our goal for this workshop?​

Our ultimate goal is from these workshops always to be able to strengthen partnership and create new ones to grow international student enrolments. Having these meetings doesn’t guarantee these results as competitors are trying hard as well.

While last year at ICEF Berlin we did focus mainly on reassuring agents of service improvements by introducing the Student and Agent Promises, besides launching the My Embassy English and Embassy OnTrack websites.

Embassy Insider 4

This year’s our priorities were much different.  As an organisation, we have done a very good job overall delivering whatever we promised our agents we would offer them after last year’s workshop. This made this year’s workshop more about having strategic meetings than addressing complaints. Believe me that is a game changer for us!

Our service levels’ feedback from agents are as high as I can remember.

Last Monday & Tuesday alongside promoting our new offerings and destination (Cal Poly), we predominantly did concentrate on what we do best and differentiate us from competitors: That is “The Embassy Promises” and “The Embassy Guarantee”.

Different from last year, both the promise and the guarantee were not just words on paper. We did apply tem for more than 10 months now, and results have been quite positive.

So, we used a full arsenal of stats (EOCQs, IAC response times, Nationality mix ratios, Student progression rates etc.) to showcase the excellent service levels and progression offered to both our partners and students.

Embassy Insider 5

What did we gain from this workshop?

From someone who has been attending this workshop regularly for the past several years, the feedback from our partners on service levels and student experience was excellent! 

So, Thank you all of you who’ve contributed into this result).

We had some excellent meetings and cleared any doubts with some key partners, along with initiating the process to add several new agents from all over the globe to the Embassy portfolio.

This definitely means that we are on the right track and if we keep working as hard as we did this past 12 months, the “Embassy Team” will be able to fight all the headwinds we are and will keep facing and preserve our upward trend in our way to be the easiest provider to work with as well as delivering the best possible education for our students to reach their future goals.




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