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Embassy English 9 November 2016 - by Fabio Lippi, Student, Embassy English London

My Embassy Life: Fabio from Italy at Embassy London

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in diverse cultural activities, and to meet people from all over the globe. This week Fabio Lippi from Italy shares his experience studying English at Embassy London as part of our My Embassy Life series. 

Embassy Greenwich 1

Hi! My name’s Fabio. I’m thirty years old and from Bologna, in the north of Italy. I’m a graphic designer for tile surfaces. I worked for four years in a big Italian tile company before coming to London and starting my English language course at Embassy London

I’ve been studying IELTS as my core class in the morning and General English as my elective class in the afternoon for over three months now.

Why did I decide to come to Greenwich? Well, I’ve always been of the opinion that if you want to improve your language skills you must move to the country where the language is spoken so that you can be exposed to it 24/7 and also learn about the culture of the native speakers of that tongue!

Choosing a language school in London is so difficult because there are so many! I came to London a few months before my course started and visited a few schools. As soon as I entered Embassy London I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere and staff, and by the amazing facilities it offers students, and that helped me make up my mind and book my course with them.

Embassy Greenwich 3

Leaving your country, your family and friends is very hard, but in Embassy I immediately felt at home and that helped me relax, which has had a positive knock-on effect on my English and my progress.

After a few weeks at Embassy Greenwich, I started noticing that I could to understand my teachers much better, and I could make myself understood. Now I don’t have any problems understanding people and different accents, I can speak English rather fluently and I’m really happy with my progress. Also, I took the IELTS examination about three weeks ago and I got an overall 6.5, which I’m really pleased with!

The one moment that I will definitely never forget is the first time I went out with my classmates for a drink about two weeks into my course. It was a lovely evening out and not only did I feel at home, but I also felt I had already made some friends for life.

Embassy Greenwich 2

London is an amazing place and in my free time I love walking around the city, taking pictures and just hanging out with my friends.

My favourite thing to do? There are so many events going on in London and so many interesting places full of history, but my absolute favourite is the stretch of the Thames Path around Greenwich. It’s very relaxing to walk along the river in this part of the city and everything around you speaks about the history of this fabulous area of London.

If you are on the south bank and glance left facing the river the view stretches all the way to the Shard and the London Eye, while if you look right you can see the O2 Arena. Then you have got Greenwich Park, with the Observatory and the Maritime Museum, and the list could go on and on!

Embassy Greenwich 5

Now my course is coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking about the future… Difficult decisions ahead!

Originally, my plan was to take IELTS in order to then apply for an MA in London, but I’ve now decided that the best thing for me is to try and find a job in the UK. Thanks to my course at Embassy Greenwich I now feel ready to attend job interviews and start work in this country.

I would like to say thank you to all my teachers, especially to Michela, who is very professional, kind and attentive. Her lessons have been very interesting and not at all boring!

I’d definitely recommend Embassy London to anyone who wanted to improve their English in a relaxed, welcoming environment where you feel supported and you are given the chance to practice your language skills as much as possible… Actually, I’ve already recommended the school to a few friends of mine who may soon be booking a course!

Embassy Greenwich 4

We also caught up with Michela, our IELTS teacher and asked her to tell us a little bit about Fabio. Here is what she had to say:

“Fabio is a really nice young man. He is so motivated and from the word go he has worked really hard on his English keeping his objectives clearly in mind. I’m so happy he achieved his goal and obtained 6.5 in IELTS and I am sure he will be very successful in whatever he decides to do in the future. He has had a very proactive attitude throughout his course and he has made the most of both class and social time. He is a really popular student and we’ll all miss him so much! I’d like to wish him all the best in his future endeavours! Well done, Fabio!”.

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